January 13, 2018

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  • The first thing we did this morning was feel Campbell's forehead. It was just a minute after 7 and her and Keaton were in our bed giggling and whispering. She didn't feel warm and didn't act sick. So Operation Get Ready for Basketball commenced.
  • Soon we were at Campbell's game, and that girl was on fire. Not only is does she really have the guarding her opponent down but she scored at least 10-12 points. This morning she had said that her ear did hurt a tiny bit so we had already brought 2 cars for me to just run her by the doctor. 
  • This is just an aside, but if I am giving advice, I would tell people that if they are going to have 6 kids then they need to marry or be a physician. We walked right in to the doctor's office which was nice. They took Campbell's fever first, and she did have 102, and soon we found out that one ear was very infected. My girl is pretty fierce to dominate on the basketball court and feel so bad.
  • We picked up her medicine, and then met Robby to give him some passes that were in my car. Robby and everyone else had picked up doughnuts and then ran home for a minute. We had forgotten that today was Star Wars day at the Museum of Discovery, or we would have planned better. 
  • Robby grabbed the boys jerseys, and they headed that way. It was very crowded there, but they had a good time. Anderson knew who every Star Wars character was and was happy to take a picture with each of them. 
  • The girls and I hung out at home. We played a game. We had lunch. We did pretty much nothing. I did make a grocery list and clean the potties, but other than that we didn't do much at all. The afternoon went by quickly, and soon we were headed back to Immanuel.
  • The boys played at 2. I think there team wasn't really "on" today. Anderson scored once but that was all for the Dennie boys. Their game ended in a tie which Graham said was worse than a loss. I personally think it was better than a loss so afterwards, the boy celebrated with a trip to the grocery store with Robby.
  • While he headed there, I took Whitman to Grannymom's house to spend the night. He could not wait to go over there and wanted to leave during the ballgame. Then I dropped the girls off at Dana's house. An ear infection wasn't going to stop Campbell at all from this Christmas present. Dana had given the girls a Target gift card for a shopping trip, along with a movie tonight and supper. My people have been looking forward to this since Christmas, and I think that they will agree that it was the favorite present.
  • I met Robby and the boys at the gas station, and then we all headed home. We unloaded a few groceries, and then they turned on football and I covered up for a nap. Football then turned into basketball, and Robby eventually headed to pick up supper.
  • Robby came back, and we devoured his supper while watching the Hogs finish up their game. Then we headed over to the Wilsons for a bit. It was just the big boys over there tonight so things were really calm. We talked about their upcoming road trip which kind of made Robby panicky when we came home thinking of planning our own.
  • Once we did come home, the boys had to shower before bed and we might have let them stay up a bit longer since there were just two of them! Tomorrow will be a big day for them so I guess that they do need their rest!

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