January 22, 2018

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  • Robby and I were both awake this morning when my alarm went off, but I quickly calculated the minutes that we had left until the very last moment that we could wake up and still accomplish what needed to be done. That is exactly what we did, and even though it made for a hectic Monday morning, I enjoyed the extra few minutes of snoozing.
  • We sent Whitman off to school, and the rest of us started on our breakfasts. Today's breakfast was just cereal, so Keaton protested and did not anything. I do think she made up for breakfast with a bag of starburst later in the morning.
  • Then it was school time for us. I realized that we are about 1/3 finished with our history book, possibly it is just 1/4th. I am not sure what I am going to do because I sure don't want to be doing history on the boat to Alaska, but it looks like we might be doing just that. 
  • The school day went well and most everyone was finished before lunch. Anderson worked well past lunch, which thankfully doesn't bother him at all, but he did complete all his work with excellence. 
  • At lunch, I read as everyone ate-well, Reagan was on a hunger strike for this meal. She was busy freezing her lemonade to make a popsicle and never made anything for her to eat for lunch. Afterwards, we worked on chores and I made a dessert for my Bible study potluck tonight.
  • The kids played some, and I even walked on the treadmill a bit. Nonna and Pops brought Whitman home. He had a great day at school and lots of fun at their house. He was in a good mood this afternoon and worked hard with me on his school work. 
  • Around 5, I left a bit early to run to the store before my get together. I bought a buggy full of stuff for 17 bucks-whoop! That made me happy, happy. Afterwards, I went to my thing, while the kids showered, cleaned out the leftovers in the fridge for supper (I do believe that everyone did eat supper), watched a few tv shows and then went to bed.

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