January 14, 2018

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  • For a minute, let's discuss how much easier it is to get everyone ready for church when there are only 2 boys in the house compared to 6 kids and three of them being girls. We were on time to church, dare I even say early. I had a peaceful shower without anyone standing around asking for me to do their hair.
  • Robby did pick up Whitman this morning and brought him home from his night out at Grannymom's house. He had already eaten some breakfast at Grannymom's house but came right in and found himself some more. He got it himself and sat down at the bar to eat. 
  • Whitman was a bit rowdy during big church today. He really wants to sit by Anderson, which is fine because Whitman loves Anderson and would try to imitate his perfect church behavior. But when he is sitting by me, he is just a turkey wanted me to hold him all of the time. 
  • After church, we went to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. They had pizza but also had some of the leftover corn dip that I love. The boys enjoyed their time there without the girls, but they were anxious to head to Dana's house to begin their Christmas gift.
  • Soon we did pick up the girls. They weren't ready to come home but since Lilly did come home with us that helped some. Their adventure included eating at Chickfila, watching Paddington 2 and shopping at Target. Reagan bought a shirt and a bag or two of candy, Keaton bought a candle, a shirt, a scarf, and a little dog, Campbell bought a doll, a back scratcher and some candy. They had a blast!
  • Now the boys could not wait because they were heading to Third Realm to play. I know that they had a great time there, and I am sure that they will want to go back very soon. After picking up their girls, we drove around looking for a new cinnamon roll place. We found it but were pretty bummed because it is closed on Sundays and Mondays.
  • I guess we were so bummed that we ended up taking a nap this afternoon. I am not sure if it was because Lilly was here or if it was because everyone was upstairs and Whitman was the only one downstairs, but our little nap was absolutely perfect.
  • When we woke up, Robby and I went to work on supper-lasagna in the instant pot. It was very, very good and definitely a keeper recipe. The Wilson's stopped by and ate with us. We looked at some picture albums as Tony tried to play their trip while the kids played a few games. 
  • After they left, we picked up and the girls watched a Shark Tank while Robby steam cleaned the floor. We had already folded two loads of laundry this afternoon but another is in the wash, one load of dishes is running and another is waiting in the sink. It is shaping up to be a busy Monday, but since there is no Dennie school, I think we can accomplish it all!

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