January 6, 2018-Happy Birthday Tara!

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  • Campbell was one of the first ones awake this morning and joined us in our bed. Her morning routine (and mine too) is to look on my phone to check if snowing is coming in the next 10 days. After a bit, Campbell went to put on her uniform and Robby and I got ourselves ready.
  • Once everyone else was ready, it was time to begin my birthday celebration. I blew out candles on one of my favorite things-a cinnamon roll cake from Sams. They are not always there but if you see one, buy it because it will be the best 5 dollars you have ever spent.
  • Everyone sang to me and after blowing out my candles, Robby quickly passed out the cake while I opened my presents. Keaton gave me some holiday signs that she has already given to me once but took off of my desk earlier this week. Campbell had me hot chocolate and a package of reeses pieces. She also included a coupon book full of things that she loves doing-"I will go shopping with you, I will bake with you"...but my favorite was "I will take a nap wiht you." 
  • Graham also gave me coupon slips which I will indeed cash in. Anderson excused himself for a bit and came back with a card. Reagan had a tiny intricate card that she had made. Whitman was a bit disappointed that he had not made a card but did have Reagan help him make one later in the day, and he was so proud to give it to me.
  • Robby gave me an instant pot, a seat warmer and a trip to Ikea and the Cheeecake Factory. Just about the time that I finished opening the presents, it was time to load up and head to Campbell's basketball game.
  • It took a bit for the girls to get warmed up but when they did, Campbell was on fire. She scored 8 or more points. It was pretty interesting watching the girls play-they would shoot the ball about 10 times for every time they scored. It was quite entertaining. I do believe that this was the first time in a few games that Campbell's teal won their game.
  • On the way home, we stopped by Kroger and spent quite a few minutes in there. It was wonderful-lots of sales and plenty of time to browse. If we would have stayed any longer, I would have counted our Kroger trip as a birthday present.
  • Back at home, we unloaded the groceries, ate some crackers, cheese and sausage for lunch, and played with my new instant pot. Today we took it slow and made some hard boiled eggs. It took about the same time as cooking them on the stove but required less attention-except we stared at it the entire time. 
  • Soon we were back in the car for the boys' ballgame. Anderson scored 8 and Graham scored 4. Graham is quite a bit shorter than the other boys so when he was able to score, his fan club let out a thunderous roar.
  • And after the boys won their game, we headed back to Kroger to pick up a few more sale items. As soon as we were home, Campbell and I turned back around and headed to a birthday party. One of the girls from her team had a party at River City, and Campbell had a blast. She left begging me to sign her up for gymnastics. 
  • Then we zoomed back home long enough for me to shower and the Wilsons to come over to ride with us. We first dropped off the kiddos to Grannymom's house while the Wilsons, Robby and I headed to Heights Taco and Tamales.
  • Their tomato marmalade is my favorite. All of the food was delicious especially their pulled pork tacos and that tomato marmalade and we left completely full. It was wonderful, but we were too full for dessert.
  • After picking up the kids, they were quick to let us know that they were not too full for dessert. We served up ice cream for them before bedtime for everyone. It was a pretty great 40th birthday for me! (But I am sure not done celebrating and plan to continue my celebration for the next few days...or weeks!)

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