January 27, 2018

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  • The rain was softly pitter pattering outside of our bedroom window this morning. It was still early and not many folks were stirring. It could have been the most perfect peaceful Saturday morning, except for those three boys having a Nerf gun battle right on the other side of our wall
  • When that noise would die down, then Whitman would come hopping into our room on his bouncy ball. Thankfully, even though we went to bed pretty late and didn't sleep too much, we were still in a decent mood and didn't kill anyone.
  • Robby made cinnamon rolls this morning, and they were delicious. I think that I probably helped with this since I was the one who took them out of the even. The kids ate at least 2 and a half a piece while Robby and I split three while back in our bed.
  • After we picked up from breakfast, Robby and I marinated some meat for our supper tonight. Then Keaton and I ran to pick up Reagan from her sleepover. She went to bed at 5, and if you were around her today you could tell.
  • While we were on our way home, Robby ran to pick up Campbell from her night out at Grannymom's house. Campbell has always been my home body and was worried that she might miss something over here. 
  • Not much happened over here-the highlight was cleaning out Robby's office. It can get kind of cluttered in there. I can't say much because my school room closet is a danger zone, but I am waiting until the end of school to clean it. Robby and I both have our messy closets, but at least most of the rest of our lives are fairly organized.
  • At 2, I left the closet clean out and took Campbell to a birthday party at church. It was for a little guy in her Wednesday night class. Campbell didn't seem to mind that she only knew one other girl and that it was a Nerf gun party. She had a blast, so much so that I tried to convince her to have a Nerf gun birthday party.
  • The others played outside a bit while we were gone and soon my kids and the neighbors were out. When everyone came back in, the kids cycled through the showers while Robby and I watched the ballgame and worked on supper.
  • We had mongolian beef stir fry with rice and edamame, It was delicious, and for the most part the kids ate it up. Afterwards, we all huddled around the tv again to watch the last few minutes of the Hog game. 
  • Afterwards, the kids watched one tv show, had an ice cream sandwich and then went to bed. It was 8 when we did send everyone to bed which is an hour earlier than usual. There were a few complaints but my people are tired and needed their rest.

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