January 18, 2018

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  • Ooops, sorry, it looks like we didn't get any pictures today, and since it is now 11:30, I probably shouldn't go up to take any either. We will do better tomorrow though, promise.
  • Whitman crawled into our bed around 5ish this morning. He wanted to get in the middle, and for some reason, I didn't let him. I am not sure why because they left me trying to make sure he didn't fall off of the bed for the rest of the night long. He couldn't tell me why he did come downstairs. He slept great in my bed, but when it was time to wake he was wide awake.
  • After Whitman headed to school, the rest of us started on breakfast. As we were in the middle of it, Robby called saying that he had forgotten to take out the trash. We had 3 big bags in the kitchen still and there was a possibility of the garbage man coming today. I was glad that I had strong boys standing nearby. I did feel bad since it was like 12 degrees so I did take one bag of trash out with them, but goodness it was cold.
  • Back inside, we made our breakfasts and started our school day. Things went even smoother today than yesterday even though I was scrambling at noon trying to grade the last bit of work and hop in the shower. 
  • I had a dentist appointment so I ran there while the kids had lunch and worked on their chores. I was able to pick up Whitman from school after my appointment so Robby didn't have to get out. Last week, I had a doctor's appointment and planned to pick up Whitman but didn't finish in time. This week, I had plenty of time.
  • Afterwards, we went to the library, and Whitman found about a zillion books to check out. I sure don't care so we walked out with 40 plus books, which included me carrying a basket full of books, carrying an arm full of books and Whitman had to carry a load of books as well.
  • Back at home, some of the chores were done but Robby and I got to work on straightening the house. It didn't take too much-I did find Robby outside at one point washing windows. I reminded him that it was just the Bunko girls, but it was definitely a chore that needed to be done. 
  • From about 4 on, I am not sure what the kids did but I was busing working in the kitchen for the Bunko supper. We had baked potato soup which was pretty good and cowboy beans which were delicious. I also made cornbread along with coffee cake and apple crisp. There were only 6 girls there tonight so I will have plenty of leftovers if anyone wants to stop by.
  • The kids did help us straighten up a bit at the last minute, and then they left with Robby. They ate their supper at ChickFilA. Reagan had mentioned Tropical Smoothie, and they were headed there when they decided that maybe ice cream from Kroger would be more fun.
  • They picked up some ice cream, and then headed to Grannymom's house to eat it. Everyone had a good time staying over there for a bit. When Whitman did come home, he told me that he did not have a good time because he did not get a Skittle. I asked why he didn't get a Skittle, and he did not know. His daddy, however, did know. Since Whitman demanded a Skittle, he daddy denied him a Skittle. Ha! That little stinker.
  • When the kids came home, they trickled in and Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did come in to give me a hug. The kids went on to bed, and hopefully they were able to sleep with my Bunko girls downstairs having a good time. It was a good evening, and tomorrow will be a pretty busy day.

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