January 9, 2018

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  • Anderson and Graham were the only ones awake this morning. They were both quietly playing on their ipads and had not been up that long when I walked through looking for Whitman. I headed upstairs to wake him up and to help his sisters wake up before it was their breakfast time.
  • Whitman put on his clothes with quite a bit of prompting from me. He is just sometimes in his own little world and would take forever to do anything if we would let him. We managed to get him in the car and off Robby took him to school.
  • Robby worked in Conway today so the house was a bit quieter than usual. It is odd but we do seem to quieter when he is not here or maybe I am not so worried about all of the noise that we make. 
  • Campbell is a bit under the weather-she still has her cough that she has had forever along with a sore throat which Robby is also battling. She doesn't have any fever but was just a bit pitiful all day long. By 11:30, she was even asleep. I was going to let her sleep through lunch, but she woke up but barely ate anything for lunch.
  • School went well today and the kids plugged on through their school work finishing everything. Anderson was even finished before lunch-well, I hope that he really did finish everything and not just "forget" something. I am pretty sure he did finish it all.
  • Before lunch Reagan started cleaning her desk and Keaton followed Reagan's lead. The only difference is that Keaton needs help to clean her desk so I helped her after we had finished our lunch. Thankfully, it didn't take too long, and her desk looks so much better now. 
  • Once the desks were clean, we made a little care package for a friend with the flu. The girls through together a pretty cute little box with only stuff from our pantry. When I was on the treadmill today, the kids hung out in their rooms. I think that they all had big times playing with their google minis.
  • Soon it was time for us to load up and go to basketball practice. Since Campbell was kind of puny-ish (which could have been due to us keeping her up crazy late last night watching the football game), I gave her the option to stay at home, but she said that she felt fine and wanted to go. 
  • Robby picked up Whitman who had spent the afternoon at Grannymom's house. My basketball folks practiced while I walked on the track some. Then we headed home for supper which Robby had waiting on us. Supper was good and warm and afterwards the kids all showered. 
  • We had a few minutes of downtime before it was bedtime. Robby spent that time working on the fridge door which is falling completely apart-it is always something! The kids went to bed and Whitman was very upset at bedtime that he didn't get to play more. We reminded him that he played all day long at school, at Grannymom's and then here at home before we came home but that didn't seem to appease him!

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