January 30, 2018

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  • Robby left crazy early this morning to go to a Bible study at church, so I got on up with him and made hims some breakfast before he left. Nope, I'm lying. I barely heard his alarm go off, and only stirring when he came back home this morning.
  • I woke up Whitman and started trying to get him ready for school. He was excited to go except he didn't know what he wanted for breakfast which made things difficult. Once he left, the rest of us worked on our breakfasts. I fried some eggs and scrambled a few and then made some cinnamon toast for everyone. It was a pretty good breakfast if I do say so myself. 
  • We started on our school and things went fairly well. Anderson still had a bit to do after lunch along with Campbell who conveniently forgot some of her work. It is strange how that seems to happen around here. 
  • We had our lunch and then the kids started on chores. The main extra chores this week are cleaning the baseboards in this house. I am not sure what normal people's houses' baseboards looks like but our look like this is an abandoned house. Hopefully, after today at least some of them look a little bit better.
  • Robby and I ran to a focus group at Tacos for Life while the kids hung out here. They had plenty of excitement since Anderson's new Lego arrived today. He is still spending his Christmas money-I think that he may possibly be broke now. 
  • After we picked up Whitman, we headed home. I did Whitman's school work with him. His story that he read today was "the ram is sad." Most everyone else went outside to play some and stayed outside until the neighbors went in.
  • I put Campbell and Keaton to work chopping potatoes for our supper. Campbell received some new plastic knives for Christmas, and they are pretty cool. I usually give them my sharp knives but have to hover over them. These knives are sharp enough that I could use them but probably not sharp enough to cut yourself. 
  • I used the instapot tonight and cooked some frozen chicken breast. They were already seasoned so maybe that was why they were so good, but it was a hit either way. We had that along with green beans, fried potatoes and corn muffins. Robby wasn't looking forward to my meal, but I think that he liked it.
  • Everyone that had not had a shower before supper, took one after supper. Then we watched a bit of the hogs play followed by a bit of Ellen's game show. Graham was not too happy that he had to go to bed while the Hogs were still playing. Robby made an agreement with him that he would get him if they pulled within 5 in the last little bit. There is 9 minutes left and it doesn't look like that will happen, but I guess it sure could. 

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