January 25, 2018

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  • When I first saw Anderson this morning, he told me that their bedroom door was open in the middle of the night. I told him that I know, and it was because Whitman came down to our room sometime during the night. He is pretty cozy and all but I do like having my own pillow.
  • From talking to Anderson, I headed upstairs to wake Campbell up. I, first, opened the boys' blinds since Graham was already awake in the bonus room. Today was a big day for Campbell, and it took just one try for me to wake her up.
  • She was so excited about the day that she eagerly took my suggestion and even wore the outfit I suggested. Robby was already waking Whitman up when I came back downstairs. Soon I was loaded in the car with Whitman, Campbell and half of my kitchen.
  • We dropped Whitman off at school-he had a load of things with him this morning. There was his jacket, a snack for his class, his homework, another sheet to turn in and a little bag of items that started with the letter Q. It was a big day for him at school, and he was happy to be heading that way.
  • For Christmas, Campbell received a cookie decorating lesson along with a basket of baking supplies. Today was the day of her lesson, and I think that it might just have been the best present ever. Since we wanted to make her lesson special and didn't want everyone in and out of the kitchen the entire time, we had her cookie lesson at Nonna and Pops' house.
  • We arrived early and were able to unload all of our stuff. I wanted to make sure that we could make and decorate the cookies just as well at home, so we brought all of our own stuff even down to the measuring spoons. Ms. Robyn arrived at 10, and Campbell could not have been more excited. 
  • Ms. Robyn told Campbell how to make the cookie dough, and Campbell made it all. While the dough was chilling, they made the icing. Soon Campbell was cutting out cookies from her dough, and we were baking them. 
  • They baked just right, and Ms. Robyn then showed Campbell how to ice them. Campbell did great and took her time on most of the cookies. It was pretty fun decorating the cookies, and I even got involved. At noon, her lesson was over, and after Campbell decorated a few more cookies, Nonna made us lunch.
  • From there, we ran one errand, and then headed home. Meanwhile, back at home the kids had done just a bit of school work along with a few chores. Robby picked up Whitman, and they were still cleaning up from lunch when we made it home.
  • I unloaded our stuff as everyone ooohed and aaahed over Campbell's cookies that she made. I checked everyone's homework and straightened a bit, and then it was finally time. For weeks, Whitman has been not so patiently waiting for the day that Campbell was going to teach him how to decorate cookies.
  • Everyone didn't start off listening too well to Campbell, and even though she tried, she soon became pretty upset. Once I had calmed everyone down, things went a better. She let everyone help make the cookies. Then they picked out their cookie cutters before making and coloring their icing. 
  • Campbell remembered so much from this morning, and she did great at telling everyone what all she had learned. The kitchen had been pretty noisy while we were making the cookies and icing, but when it came time to decorate the cookies, the kitchen was eerily silent. Everyone was working so hard. 
  • Everyone was able to make 5 or more cookies, and everyone did so well at decorating. This took all afternoon, but it was so worth it because I think that everyone had lots of fun. Whitman was finished first with his cookies, but he did attend to it for quite a long time. Graham and Anderson were the next two finished. Graham did a more simple approach and didn't add a lot of designs to his. Anderson had more details to his and even made an American flag. Keaton and Campbell did great. Reagan had the most intricate cookies and took the longest in her decorating.
  • It was 5 when we finished and well after that when the kitchen was semi back to normal. The kids then headed outside to play with the neighbors. I was home for a bit longer and then I headed out as well-not outside but towards a restaurant to meet the other homeschool mommas for a night out.
  • Everyone at home had their showers and then made their own nachos for supper. Of course afterwards, everyone had a few of their cookies as their night time snack. I think everyone had a wonderful day here.

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