January 23, 2018

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  • When Whitman was walking out of the house this morning, he grabbed his snack thinking that he was supposed to take it this morning. I have had it sitting on the bench by the door for days now, and he still has to wait until Thursday to take that snack. 
  • He was still excited to go, but was not happy about having to eat his breakfast in the car. He adamantly insisted that he was not going to eat his breakfast in the car. I told him to just sit it in his lap in case he changed his mind. He was sure that he was not going to change his mind, but he did. Robby said that Whitman was chugging his milk before they had even backed out of the garage.
  • The rest of us had eggs, yogurt and cereal for breakfast. Well, I guess that I was the only one who had yogurt for breakfast even though I offered it to everyone. After we ate, we started on school. Today was quite a bit noisier than yesterday. I do believe that everyone saved their normal Monday behavior for today since they knew that Robby was not home today. 
  • We still survived! Around 12:30, we had our lunch, and I was able to catch up on some of our reading during lunch. Afterwards, we did our chores, and then the kids had plenty of downtime.
  • I did a few things around the house, and eventually ended up on the treadmill for a good bit. Most everyone went outside to play basketball for a good bit in hopes that the neighbors would come out. It didn't work, but the kids were out long enough for me to read a chapter of my book.
  • Robby and Whitman rolled in around 6-Robby from Conway and Whitman from Grannymom's house. They both had good days and were ready to make pizza for supper. I opened 4 bags of pizza dough and some of the kids helped me stir it. I could tell that two looked different but I attributed that to the two different packages that I had. 
  • We all made our pizzas after the dough had risen. Anderson made BB8, Keaton made a heart, Reagan did a bit of an experiment and made a calzone type thing, Whitman tried to make a Mickey shape but had a meltdown when Robby put cheese on it, and Campbell and Graham just made pizzas. 
  • After the cooked, we soon realized that the dough that made Robby and I my pizza and the dough that made Reagan's pizza was different from the rest. It wasn't as good, actually, it wasn't good at all. We were a bit disappointed so I dug through the trash to check the packages. It just took one glance at the date of two of the packages to realize why some weren't as tasty as others. 
  • Thankfully, the dough that I had made our cinnamon strudel pizza with was the good dough, and it was delicious, which made up for the other catastrophe. We watched the Hogs play as we finished eating, then we cleaned the kitchen during the first overtime and by the second overtime, we were all gathered around the tv in the living room.
  • Afterwards, everyone had their showers and we watched a bit of tv before bedtime. Tomorrow is back to our Bible study routine-it will only be the second time we have been this year since we were out for frozen pipes and then for the snow day.

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