January 19,2018

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  • Not many folks were stirring this morning, and it was especially quiet in the house. Graham was up, and he found me when I was emptying the dishwasher. He asked me about a zillion questions about the day and about life. I was still so tired that I was barely able to mutter an answer, but we talked for a good long time.
  • I had to wake up all of the girls. I often wonder how long they could sleep if we just left them alone. Everyone came downstairs, and we feasted on my leftover coffee cake from yesterday. My 3 littles wouldn't even try it because it had the word "coffee" in it. I tried my hardest to make them understand that there was no coffee in the cake.
  • We started on school, and my Graham provided me with the best part of the day. He is working on fractions. When he saw the fraction 1/2, he thought it was pronounced "one/toots." Bahaha! I laughed, Anderson, who was in the room with us, laughed, Graham laughed, we all laughed. I will never see 1/2 again without laughing.
  • Around 11, Robby asked Keaton if she was going to pack for Grannymom's house. Keaton hadn't realized that she was spending the night at Grannymom's, and she was so excited. Quickly, she packed her bags and was waiting on Grannymom and Grandpa.
  • We were running a bit behind this morning and still finishing up around noon. It was after 1:30 when we all finished up enough to start on our lunch. Everyone just made their lunches and ate where ever.
  • I spent some time pulling out school for next week, which always takes me a bit of time. I pull out school weekly for Reagan, Anderson, and Graham, but for Keaton and Campbell I gather school monthly, which takes even longer. I am always glad to have that accomplished for the week.
  • This afternoon was spent pretty lazily-Campbell made slime, I read Whitman quite a few books, Anderson built a few Lego creations, and everyone else relaxed. It was 7ish when we finally decided to make supper.
  • Robby taught Reagan how to make spaghetti in the instant pot. It was our first time to make that recipe and it turned out pretty well. Now, I just need to have Reagan make it once a week for us.
  • After we ate, we vegged out and watched an Ellen's game show. It has been a wonderfully lazy day around here.

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