January 15, 2018

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  • Since the boys had spent the night at Dana's house and since Lilly was spending the night here and since Whitman didn't have school at church, we sure were not going to try to do school here today. This led to lots of sleeping in around here. Whitman was the first to wake up and that was after 8, and we never heard from the girls until well after 9.
  • I eventually climbed out of bed to start on our chores. I did realize that you can accomplish a lot of things when no one else is awake (except for Whitman who was happily watching a movie) and when you aren't trying to do school.
  • Around 11, we loaded up to meet Dana to drop off Lilly and to pick up the boys. The boys were so excited that they talked the entire way home telling us all about Third Realm. Once we did make it home, I told the kids all about what was next at home-chores!
  • The kids did work hard on their chores for a bit. Robby cut Anderson and Graham's hair, and then I helped Anderson pick up the Lego nook. Then we finally had lunch. Lunch is almost silly right now because everyone makes their own sandwiches in the toaster oven plus some make halves after they have finished their first sandwich so the kitchen is crazy at all times with people making sandwiches and using the oven.
  • After lunch, we did a bit more housework, and the kids vegged out in their rooms while I was on the treadmill. Then we loaded up for Dairy Queen to get our weekly Blizzards. Afterwards, we went to the grocery store with everyone else in town. Anderson and I jumped out while everyone else stayed in the car. Surprisingly, they did have bread (we actually needed some) but thankfully, we didn't need any milk so we didn't have to venture down that aisle.
  • Our plan was to go on home and cook chili for supper, but Robby decided that we might be couped up for a few days, so he oped to eat out at American Pie.
  • Once at home, the girls took showers while Anderson went with Robby to get some gas for the generator. He had a bit of difficulty starting the generator but did get it started. Unfortunately, I am afraid that him buying gas might have been enough to jinx us out of getting a decent amount of snow.
  • We watched a movie while constantly checking the windows while hoping that the snowflakes increase rapidly in size. Everyone did have a snack tonight-Whitman made ice pops just like the boy in his movie and was so happy to share them with everyone before bedtime.

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