January 21, 2018

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  • I was put frustrated with Keaton last night when it was bedtime because she was sobbing as we tucked her in. She was planning on wearing her new shirt to church which would be a great idea...except she was also planning on also wearing only her pantyhose. I tried to explain that pantyhose needed a skirt or a dress not just a shirt. She went to bed with no intentions of wearing anything but a shirt and pantyhose to church. I know that church is pretty casual these days, but I think pantyhose only is a bit too casual.
  • It was only a few hours later, when I heard someone moving fast upstairs above me. I woke up enough to listen to see if someone was sick upstairs. Seconds later, Campbell was in our room telling me that Keaton was sick upstairs. I hurried up the steps and Keaton was still standing right at the edge of the bathroom with her mess right in front of her. Bless! 
  • I moved her further into the bathroom and then planned my attack. She said she was fine but I encouraged her to sit on the potty for a bit while I cleaned up. I ran down to get my supplies and hurried back up. I started off my Sunday morning being very thankful that Keaton was at least in the bathroom so my clean up was a bit easier than it could have been.
  • I brought her down to our room and made her a pallet. By the time I could finish cleaning up and get myself settled back in bed, she was almost back asleep. She slept fine for the rest of the night and was ready to go this morning.
  • We loaded up and headed to church after making sandwiches for our lunch. We did big church, and Whitman started off doing really well sitting between his brothers. Robby and I even wondered if we found our magic seating arrangements for church. It didn't last very long and soon Whitman was sitting by me or Robby. 
  • Then it was on to Sunday school for everyone. Afterwards, we ate our sandwiches in the car, picked up cookies for a snack from McDonald's, picked up Grannymom and then followed the church buses downtown to the capitol for the March for Life. There were lots of church folks there and my girls even walked a different way than us and stayed with their buddies until well after the march when I went to find them. 
  • Now, Whitman had decided early yesterday that he wasn't going to "walk" at a "March," he was going to "March." So when we started walking, he started marching and singing the "shoot the artillery" song. This was all well and good until somehow all of this became mixed up in his head. He then started asking me, "why is the artillery killing babies?" His Bible stories often get mixed up so I began with Pharaoh and Moses which was not it. Then I tried Herod when Jesus was born which was still not it. Finally, I asked if he was talking about our laws that say it is okay for mommas to kill the babies in their tummies. That was it-we've never had anyone that listens as well as he does. 
  • Not only does he listen but he asks me so many questions. Actually, everyone has asked me lots of questions today and tonight. Campbell and Keaton are currently inches around me asking how to spell things to add to their lists planning their birthday parties in September and December! You better believe that I am going tor relieve a bit of stress in a few minutes with a bit bowl of ice cream!
  • Back to after the walk, we ran to pick up some pizza for an early supper. We ate at Grannymom's house, and she had the best brownies ever for dessert. I think they were just regular brownies, but they were warm which must have made them extra yummy. Once we made it home, everyone helped clean and unload the car. Then, we all moved inside to put away all of the things from the day and fold laundry. We had two loads ready and waiting to be folded so that didn't take too long.
  • Everyone put on their pajamas and we all vegged out in front of the tv after our busy day. We watched some football, watched an Ellen game show and then watched some more football before it was finally time for bed. 

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