January 17, 2018

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  • I forgot to set my alarm last night, not like it would have mattered any anyway since I can hit snooze for at least an house, but it did cause me to start my day just a bit frazzled. Anderson was the only one who was awake this morning, and it was tough going upstairs to wake the others up for school with the snow shining through the windows.
  • Today was too cold to play in the snow though so I didn't feel too bad. Our mud room this morning with the two huge windows was ice cold this morning. I did wake everyone up and we started working on breakfasts. I let them pick what they wanted so that did help improve their sluggish moods.
  • After we ate, we did our work together in my room. Whitman was with us today so he was a bit of a distraction to Keaton, and probably everyone else. He does however listen and will occasionally ask me questions about what I just read. 
  • Soon we did start on our real school and while I worked with everyone, my main goal was our super large pile of laundry. One play in the snow day leaves us with two tons of laundry. My pile slowly became smaller as I did spelling and everything else with the kids. Whitman did sit beside me doing his school work, and he does really enjoy his reading book. There are lots of new words that he can read (am, Sam, eat, seed, sat, ram, rat). 
  • It was nearly 1 when we finally finished enough to school to start on lunch. Reagan and Anderson still had a bit of school after lunch to work on, but our first priorities were our chores. We were able to straighten the house some and then start on other priorities like Graham making an airplane launcher, Anderson working on a huge lego scene, Campbell making bucket fulls of slime, Graham, Keaton and Campbell playing Ticket to Ride and Reagan painting the girls' fingernails. It was a busy afternoon with the potential to trash the house but thankfully, we kept it under control! 
  • It was late when I walked on the treadmill and when I got off, I worked on supper for a bit. Robby was out late so we just had leftovers for supper. I did have quite a few-strawberries, biscuit, pasta and sauce, meatballs, chicken nuggets, fries, chili, enchiladas, chips and salsa and possibly a few other things that I can't even remember. Tomorrow is bunko here so I am sure that the fridge will fill back up with leftovers.
  • After we ate supper, I made some cookies which we ate while watching the end of the Hogs game. Then we watched an Ellen game show before everyone headed upstairs to bed. I know that Whitman was pretty tired this evening so I think that it will be a pretty quiet night.

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