January 10, 2018

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  • Robby had to wake all of the kiddos up this morning-my people are just plain tired. We need to stick to bedtime for a few nights-maybe even move that bedtime up a little bit. Wouldn't that be a wonderful idea?
  • It didn't take everyone long to get moving because Wednesday's are their favorite day of the week. Whitman just needed to clarify if it was going to be a big church day or not. I did check my phone occasionally to make sure that there were no pipes burst this morning.
  • Everyone was glad to be back in their classes and just a few minutes before our lecture was over, I quietly stepped out. I snatched up the kids and met Robby at At Home. Their Christmas merchandise was moved to 75% off, and I wanted a Christmas tree,
  • Since my tree is 21 years old, I think I deserve a new tree. Not only did we leave with a new tree but we also left with new trees for the kids rooms. They also were in need of new trees. I also bought wrapping paper and a pitcher. Robby bought a light thing and some packing bags. The kids bought 2 nutcrackers, 2 stars for the top of their trees, an orange Christmas tree and an elf parking sign. The kids were having just as much fun as Robby and I were shopping.
  • After loading up the back of the car, we ran over to Rock Creek to meet our buddies. They were already playing there and it didn't take too long for my crew to catch up. Everyone had lots of fun playing there today.
  • When we did finally leave, after staying longer than usual, we ran to Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzards. And these were the worst ones ever. I could have poured everyone out and the lady didn't even try to flip them. Urgh. They are free and all, but it was just ridiculous.
  • Once we made it home, we emptied the car and the kids had some downtime. I did send Campbell to rest since she is still not up to par. Everyone else was fairly quiet this afternoon except for Whitman. He spent his time bouncing on a ball and making magnet creations that he would distribute to everyone.
  • I did join Campbell in her nap for a tiny bit, but then I jumped up to make supper for the crew. By the time that supper was ready, we didn't have too much time to eat. On the way to church, I ran into the library while the kids finished a book on tape. Then we rushed on to church for the evening.
  • Everyone had lots of fun, and when we did make it home Robby had cookies ready for everyone. The kids changed clothes and then had a few minutes to watch the Hogs before we sent them to bed at halftime. 

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