January 26, 2018

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  • We weren't as quick to wake up this morning since there was no cookie decorating class to go to. I was out until around 10:30 last night, and Keaton told me this morning that Whitman had said that I wasn't home this morning. I was staring right Whitman when opened our bedroom door this morning, but I guess he didn't see me.
  • I was home and stumbled through the kitchen to start on breakfast. I opted for muffins since this is Friday, and Keaton helped me make them. Reagan, Campbell and Graham started working on their school s the muffins baked, and Anderson read some to Whitman. Graham was concerned that he was not going to have enough time to do his school because the muffins would get us off to a late start.
  • Even though the muffins took a minute to bake, everyone devoured them. We cleaned up the kitchen, and then started on our together work. After watching The Greatest Showman, I ordered Robby a book about Barnum from the library and thought I found one for the kids too. The kids got a good laugh at me when I figure out the the book wasn't about the circus Barnum, just about a man whose parents loved the circus and named their child, who became a paleontologist, Barnum.
  • Everyone finished close to lunch time. Anderson "skipped" his Bible today possibly by accident or possibly not. He did earn himself a spot right next to me during school all next week. We will see if that helps any with his distractibility or maybe he will be more distracted, we shall see.
  • At noon, we started on chores. I tried to make sure that everything was finished before I left with Campbell. I took her to Grannmymom's house to spend the night over there before running to a doctor's appointment. Afterwards, I ran to the grocery store and struggled finding everything that I needed. Even though I didn't but a whole lot, I spent a lot and was there forever or so it seemed.
  • The kids were outside playing while I was gone. The neighbor boys came down and played some, and before too long I was leaving again to take Reagan to a birthday party sleepover. Reagan wrapped her gift for her party this afternoon and Campbell, who has a party tomorrow, wrapped her gift. I probably should have helped Campbell do a bit of the wrapping, but she got it done and did it by herself.
  • I picked up pizza on the way home and both neighbor boys ate with us and then one ended up spending the night. The boys have played in the bonus room most of the evening and have watched at least one movie. 
  • Whitman, Keaton and I read a few books, played the game of Life and they played on their ipads while I dozed and then fixed popcorn and drinks for everyone. They went to bed around ten, but Whitman was not happy about having to sleep in the girls room. Robby sweetened the deal with volunteering to put up his tent so they are both comfy cozy in the tent in the middle of their room.
  • The boys just came downstairs and are now getting their bedding to sleep in the bonus room. Maybe that way when they wake up, they will just quietly stay up there and we can sleep a bit longer tomorrow. We shall see!

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