January 20, 2018

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  • Today was the last day of basketball here, and my basketball players were excited (Campbell and Anderson) and nervous (Graham). Reagan doesn't bawk too much about going to the games because she does enjoy watching the boys play and has even now started to enjoy watching the Hogs play basketball. On the other hand, we have Whitman who was very upset that we were leaving the house at all today. He was in his pajamas all day long yesterday, and I guess that sounded like a good idea to him again today-sounded like a good idea to me too.
  • Before we made it to Campbell's game, we did stop by Kroger to pick up a few of the Saturday sales. I ran in and so did Robby. We were quick, quick, since we didn't have a whole lot of time before Campbell's game started. 
  • We made it in plenty of time. Keaton, Jason and all of the grands were already there. Campbell did great today and scored most of her team's points. Her team still got stomped and lost by such a great deal that we were glad that her age group doesn't keep score.
  • After the games, Anderson and Graham went to watch Cash play his basketball game. He was the only winner today of our crew. Robby and Whitman ran back by the grocery store before heading home. 
  • The girls and I ran to Kohls to spend a gift card, then to Target to buy a birthday present and finally to Hobby Lobby to buy a few other things. Then everyone met back up at Dairy Queen since all of their menu items were half off today. It wasn't as busy today as we thought it would be. The blizzards were good and my BBQ sandwich was delicious. It was actually huge and when I received it, I thought that I wouldn't eat it all, but it was so good, I did eat it all.
  • From there, it was back to Immanuel for the boys' basketball game. One part of the game, Anderson and Graham were on the court together, and they were playing great together. They both scored, and the Dennie boy scored around half of their teams score today. Unfortunately, their team lost by 1 point, but that sorrow was eased with the trophies they were presented after the game.
  • Keaton left before the boys' game for Lily's birthday party, and Noah came home with us. There wasn't too much time at home but Reagan did have time to make a big art project. Then we loaded up and headed to pick up Keaton before heading to the Pennington's house for supper.
  • April had a delicious supper for everyone. The adults had plenty of time to talk, and the kids enjoyed being together. We had such a good time that it was a bit late when we made it home. Everyone still had showers to today before bedtime. We ran everyone though the showers and by 10:30, everyone was in bed.

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