January 11, 2018

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  • Whitman was sound asleep this morning when I woke him up. When I mentioned that it was Ms. Stacy day, and he had to take a soup label, and he would stay for LunchBox kids, and he was bringing a Sock with Six Snakes and Spiders inside (S day), he was quick to wake up and put on his clothes.
  • Once Whitman left, we heated up some waffles and pancakes for our breakfast, and I read while the kids ate. Then it was time for our work together work. I have changed around our work together stuff so we are doing a bit less each day in hopes that I give some of my slower folks some more time to finish their work.
  • I did tell Robby today that Thursdays might be my favorite school day. Mondays are crazy with everyone getting back into the routine, Tuesdays are still crazy with lots to do and Fridays are bit crazier with Whitman there. Things did go well today except my little Keaton is getting herself a feisty attitude!
  • Robby made spaghetti in the instant pot for lunch. It was very good-or maybe it was just hot, and we were hungry. I later used it again to make some eggs-almost blew the place up. Not really, but I was confused about which setting for something. We figured it out, and the eggs were great. I boiled a dozen but with my kids eating some and the neighbors eating some, I only ended up with 5!
  • The neighbors were outside at one point today so my kids ran out. They all played in the warm sunshine and the next thing I knew, it was pouring and I was left hoping that the kids were inside of somebody's house. They were all at the neighbor's house so they were fairly dry when I drove to pick them up for Refresh.
  • Everyone had a good time at church tonight. Afterwards, we headed home stopping to play the trivia game. Robby was gone when we arrived home since he was at the movies. Anderson received his new Lego set in the mail, and that is all that he could think about. He did have a few minutes to work while waiting on his shower, but he was totally bummed that I wouldn't let him stay up later to work. 
  • I didn't let him to stay up and work though because it was bedtime! The possibility of a tiny bit of wintry mix tonight made the kids ecstatic even though it will probably come to nothing. Robby was home by the time I had finished tucking everyone into bed and then it was dessert time for us...I hope at least!

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