January 24, 2018

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  • My girls are the last ones to wake up during the week each day, except for on Wednesdays. They were all up and moving before I had even stumbled out of bed. I am glad that they love Bible study. The boys, of course, were up but they needed a bit more prodding to put on their clothes and get themselves ready.
  • By the time that my bagel was toasted (though since it was frozen, I heated it too long in the microwave and it was a bit chewy after toasting it), it was time to leave. The kids were already outside playing basketball. The new thing lately is for the Anderson and Graham to play basketball with Keaton and Campbell. The boys have both said that both girls are excellent at guarding so I think that their games have been pretty intense. 
  • Bible study was good today, and afterwards all of our buddies went to the park to play. I thought it was a bit chilly, but the kids were all sweaty when they climbed back in the car after playing. We stayed a bit longer than usual so everyone was tired when we made it home.
  • The kids did their chores, Whitman did his reading book and we were productive for a bit before I sat down and went sound to sleep. I only woke up in time to eat supper that Robby had made.
  • We had a bit of manicotti shells leftover in the pantry. Robby had found them today and made a pan full of manicotti. Robby scooped everyone a plateful and then had to run back to his computer to send an email. I was passing out seconds to the kids when Reagan asked if Dad had a plate already. I told her that he did since I thought that he made his before he made mine and even thought that I had seen him with it. But when Robby walked back in, he looked at the empty dish and realized that he missed supper. Urgh, I felt horrible about passing out his supper. 
  • We soon had to leave for a stop at the library and then on to church. I hope that Robby found himself something to eat here for supper. Everyone had fun at church tonight-especially Keaton and Whitman because it was pajama night at church with lots of fun games. 
  • When we made it home after church, Robby had cookies made for everyone. They gobbled them up and then we had showers before bedtime. It was a pretty long, but great day.

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