Christmas Ornament Countdown 2018: 18 Days until Christmas

In 4 days after leaving home this May, we were already in the middle of Grand Teton National Park. The next day we were knee dip in Grand Teton. Well, most everyone was knee deep in Jenny Lake. However, as Robby was conducting an icy feet challenge, everyone was standing still in the water.

Whitman though didn't understand and took off deeper and deeper in the water. He kept going until Robby and I were shouting at the kids to grab him. We were not going to put our feet in the icy water. Eventually, Whitman saw Graham racing to him and heard us all shouting at him. This, of course, scared him so he started racing back to the shore. Graham was splashing water in his pursuit, Whitman was slinging water as he was running...needless to say Whitman was drenched by the time he made it back to shore.

We had a good laugh, took some more pictures and walked back to the car to change his clothes before heading off on a gorgeous hike through the Grand Tetons. Click here to read about that memorable day.

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