December 13, 2018-Happy Birthday 12th Anderson!

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  • Even though there wasn't school this morning, we did still work together. First though, it was time to celebrate Anderson's 12th birthday. Since we did sleep in, we didn't make a special breakfast instead Anderson's poured himself a bowl of cereal. He is also the one who asked for a candle!
  • After lighting the candle, we all sang to him before we did our work together time. The kids were thrilled about not having school. Once we did finish our reading, everyone worked on their chores for a few minutes before some free time.
  • Right before noon, I took everyone to Grannymom's house so I could do a little bit of shopping. The kids had lunch over there, and Grannymom had cupcakes to celebrate Anderson's birthday a bit more.
  • While I was shopping, I stopped at around 9 different stores. I finished just as Robby called from picking up the kids. Earlier in the day, Robby had asked Anderson what he would like to eat tonight. after much thought Anderson did say that he would like to have chicken and waffles. 
  • We all met up at Chili's since that is the only place we know of that has chicken and waffles. There waffles are so sweet, and we bought way too much food! Whitman didn't have any shoes but since Robby carried him through the downpour, he was fine. 
  • From there, we all ran home for about 10 minutes before Robby turned around to take the boys to basketball. Campbell also went along for the ride. While they were gone, I did a bit of looking at all of my purchases along with some work for school and quite possibly a Christmas movie.
  • Robby did some speed grocery shopping while the boys were at basketball practice. When they came home, Nonna and Pops were here with cake and ice cream for Anderson's birthday. We didn't do a whole bunch today, but we did do a lot of celebrating.

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