December 30, 2018

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  • Whitman was not happy at all this morning when I made him put on his church clothes before I prepared his breakfast. I am not sure if he wanted to eat right away or if he didn't want to go to church. Either way, he started the day off in a not so good mood. 
  • The coughers, Graham and Campbell, were still coughing this morning. They did set by Nona and Pops during church so they could ride with Pops to pick up lunch. I had told them that if they continued coughing during church, then they were to leave. Graham made it through the whole service, but Campbell was quick to have a coughing fit and leave the service. Hmm, I wonder if that was all legit.
  • On an odd note, Robby read last year's blog and saw that Nonna and Pops had BBQ the last Sunday of the year for lunch. And Campbell and Graham were sick then. They actually both had ear infections. Thankfully, they are just coughing now and haven't had any fever or ear stuff happening this year. 
  • We stayed at Nonna's for a while. Since we didn't have Sunday school, we were able to be there for a bit longer. It was kind of nice not to have to rush around. I think that maybe we should just start skipping Sunday school altogether (Shhh, don't tell anyone that I said that.)
  • This afternoon we spent it the way afternoon's should be spent-napping! Well, Robby and I napped. Campbell and Keaton played outside. Keaton also found some time to paint a book for her American Girl doll. Reagan spent most of the afternoon packing for her sleep over tonight.
  • Around 6, Robby, Keaton and I took her to that sleepover. Then we ran back home to fetch everyone and head to the Wilson's house. They had pizza for us, and everyone enjoyed playing Catch Phrase. The kids were even able to (kind of) play the game. We might just have to play it tomorrow night!

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