December 7, 2018

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  • I had told the kids last night that we would work together this morning at 9, and I had also said that we would have muffins for breakfast. When Keaton walked int my room near 9, she was quick to tell me that I had not yet made the muffins.
  • After a bit, I did get up to work on those muffins. Keaton and Campbell did most of it for me. Now, this morning we had muffins not from the little pouch but from a brand name box. However, my kiddos turned their nose up at the nicer muffins. It didn't matte that I tried to tell them that these muffins were more expensive than what we normally eat. Later though, I tried one of those muffins and indeed they were right. The cheap bag muffins were much better than the brand name box.
  • We did our morning reading, and them I sent everyone off to work on their chores. We didn't seem to have much time because before I knew it, we were grabbing lunch, loading up and heading to Sams.
  • Our homeschool group rang the Salvation Army bell all day long today in front of Sams. Our shift was from 1-2:30. The kids really had a lot of fun doing it this year. Whitman and Keaton sang their hearts out with the rest of us-people seem to donate more when we were singing, and when we had Keaton and Whitman prominently placed in the front of our group. 
  • Once older lady put some money in the kettle and then handed me a 20 dollar bill. She told me to buy the kids some coke and pizza inside of Sams. I immediately looked at our clothes to see if we looked homeless. No, because of the big kids library class presentation and our Christmas party later at night, we had on church clothes. Hopefully, those don't look too homeless looking. 
  • We did go into Sams to buy a coke, but I do think that the rest of the ladies money will be put in the offering plate at church. Meanwhile, Robby, Reagan and Anderson were in Sams buying a coffee mug for a project. As they were in the line checking out, the person in front of them paid for their coffee mug. Maybe, we do need to invest in some better clothes or maybe people are just full of Christmas cheer. 
  • Robby took the 3 littles home from Sams while I headed to the children's library with the 3 bigs. Today was the day of the semester presentations for their library class. I believe that they all did well and had fun during their class.
  • Thankfully, they were finished a few minutes early so we hightailed it back home. We were there a few minutes and were able to help Robby get the food ready. Most everything was already ready but since we had been gone all day, he had to finish up the last little bit. Then we loaded up to leave to our Thursday night crew Christmas party.
  • We have been getting together with this group for over 20 years and our Christmas' have grown from just a few of us to a house full of grown ups and kiddos. Our food was plentiful and the conversation lively. Everyone had a good time, and we stayed out way too late for folks that will spend the morning, the day in fact, at the basketball court.

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