December 26, 2018

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  • It was a pretty low key day after Christmas around here which was perfectly wonderful. We all slept in for a while. Then Robby and I heated up leftover breakfast from yesterday. Everyone had their fill.
  • While the kids vegged out on their ipads, Robby and I did a bit of cleaning and straightening around here. He tried out his brush for his drill. We did not surprisingly find out that our tile grout is filthy dirty, but the time it took for him to clean a few inches isn't worth the pay off. 
  • I organized a few different things-box of paint and candle and icing box. Now, I still haven't touched the laundry room upstairs that Robby wants me to clean out nor have we started on our grand plans of completely redoing Robby's office/pantry.
  • Around noon, we headed to a few stores. Campbell had a lego set to take back at Walmart. We all found a few Christmas-y things to buy there even though we didn't really need anything at all. I did even get a few new Christmas dishes to go along with the ones that Robby bought me. Also, Keaton found Christmas stockings for her American Girl dolls for next year. I couldn't pass that good idea up.
  • Reagan was desperately looking for an ugly Christmas sweater. She didn't find anything. We did look at Sams, Goodwill, and Target. She doesn't like the three that we have at home, nor could she find a suitable one this year. We had also looked last year, but hopefully she can borrow one next time that she needs one. 
  • We did an Academy run as well. The boys all spent their gift cards there-Graham bought shoes, Anderson and Whitman both bought a nerf gun and a tiny drone. Whitman was so excited to get a drone since he thought that Santa should have brought him one, however, he hasn't touched it since we came home.
  • It was nearly 4 when we headed home, so we picked up pizza at ate it in the car. Once at home, we all had some downtime before the boys and I watched the Smallfoot movie upstairs in the bonus room. I also did a bit of my work-requesting library books and picking our Christmas pictures-while watching the movie. 
  • After the movie, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and I played my new game (Ticket to Ride New York). It was quite fun even though I came in dead last. Reagan was busy watching a few Hallmark movies during this time (she's my favorite). Once everyone was tucked in bed, and I had answered Whitman's zillionth question about sleeping in his tent tomorrow night, Robby and I settled down to watch ourselves another Christmas movie (I am determined to finish them all.)

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