Christmas Ornament Countdown 2018: 9 Days until Christmas

The kids had not been to Lamberts in Missouri. This March, we were in Branson with the Wilsons, and we all drove to Lamberts for supper. I don't even remember being hungry when we went, but we sure ate our fair share of food.

The kids absolutely loved Lamberts! It started with the huge drinks that they brought for them. It was like they were drinking from Sonic Route 44 drinks. This of course made them happy. Then the man came out and starting throwing rolls to people. You should have seen Whitman's eyes light up. He was quick to get in on the action of catching the rolls. Campbell just spent her time catching rolls to fill up her to go box!

Every time that we have been back to Branson, the kids have begged to return. Maybe sometime next year. Here is the post from that trip.

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