December 18, 2018

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  • School day number two this week. The kids ate their breakfasts as we did our morning reading just as usual. We are reading a few Christmas-y Bible verses each day. So I handed Campbell the Bible and thought that she would look up the verses that had her name written beside them. However, she somehow read the exact same verses that Keaton had read yesterday. Of course, I was the only one who realized this...which makes me wonder, am I the only one listening and learning anything during all of our reading?
  • I am not exactly sure why, but the kids have been finishing their school work early. This is a good thing possibly. But since they pick out what they have to do each day, by tomorrow it will all have to be finished...even the hard stuff that they have saved for the very last day! Eeek! Not so sure if anyone will actually be finished early tomorrow.
  • We had our lunch after school. Then everyone stared on a few chores. I worked on trying to clean the boys' windows. They have gotten a bit moldy or something-y since they get wet each cold morning. I sure do't want any of that messing with Anderson and his allergies. Speaking of allergies, even though Keaton doesn't really have any-her excema is sure flared up right now.
  • During our reading this afternoon, I read some and then everyone picked out a Christmas book and read it out loud to the group. That was quiet entertaining and took a while! 
  • The kids played on their devices for a while. The neighbors did come out for a little while this afternoon so they all ran out to play. They played basketball and four square for a good while-long enough to come in and be all stinky!
  • We loaded up to start Campbell's birthday celebration with dinner at the restaurant of her choice-Taco Bell. Then we also went to see Wreck it Ralph. Now, Whitman did not want to see this movie at all. He had seen a commercial and was scared to death of the princesses in the movie. I am not so sure how our Disney trip will go over with poor Whitman.

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