December 15, 2018

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  •  Basketball day! Keaton took a little bit to wake up this morning, but she was soon running through the house in search of her basketball uniform. The others were soon moving around grabbing their breakfasts.
  • Keaton's game is always fun. It takes about 5 shots for either side to make a basketball. And since we are sitting with all of our grands, the Heltz and their grands, and the Kamps our section gets a bit noisy. There is lots of clapping, shouting "the other way," and laughing so her game is quite possibly my favorite.
  • Now, Keaton might just be a little basketball player. She is a super good guarder, and even scored a few points today. After the game she went home with Lily and Eden and Noah came over here. The boys played the xbox while the girls helped Robby make some cookies and played outside. I was looking for a few more presents (struck out) and picking up some groceries.
  • After we cleaned out the fridge for lunch, we headed back to basketball. Campbell's game was next, and she scored today. Now, my girls are not timid at all. They just do super great! Campbell scored this week, and their team also won.
  • Graham's game was next and boo if they were again so close but still didn't win. Graham tries his hardest. His team is pretty decent really. The keep the score close but just never can finish with a win. I do hate this, even though I feel that losing is really good for the kids. However, Graham is the Dennie who takes it the hardest. He just gets so bummed about them losing. 
  • And Anderson's game was the last game. He has one great coach and one coach who one family member (you know who you are) offered to go and punch in the face. Most of Anderson's team plays super hard. Anderson included; I really think that the Friday night practices have been really good for both boys. The team Anderson played today was a bigger team then his team, but again they squeaked out a win.
  • After the game, we took Alyssa Kate home, and soon the kids were playing outside with the neighbors. Robby used the leftovers in the fridge to make nachos. Then we decided to go and look at Christmas lights. 
  • Robby offered for the neighbor girls to come with us. Let me mention that he is such a fun dad. I need a bit of time to prepare for having extra people. Robby, however, is always offering for kids to come with us-one extra last night, two extra during the game, two extra when looking at lights. It is always a party around here.
  • We went to Richardson Place tonight to see their lights. They really go all out so there were lots to look out. We ended the evening with Chick Fil A shakes and ice cream. I have been waiting all season for their peppermint milkshake! 
  • Once we made it home, it was shower time for the kids, but we also had time to brown 3 pounds of meat, make a few dozen cookies, fold a load of clothes, start another load of laundry, empty the dishwasher and watch a Christmas movie before bedtime. I did want to wrap a few dozen presents but that will have to another evening!

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