Christmas Ornament Countdown 2018: 24 Days until Christmas

The stockings are hung by the chimney with car, the tree is decorated and Christmas music is playing throughout the house, so I know that it is time for my annual Christmas ornament countdown. This is my 7th year to do an ornament blog. I have been able to highlight almost all of my ornaments. After this year, I will still have about 15 left to blog about another year.

This year, we have been to the Pacific Ocean, Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. So with all of those stops, I collected way more than 25 ornaments to blog about this year. Some I spent no money on and others, I spent a bit more than I would have liked.

Today's ornament is in the category. When I first saw it, I immediately liked it, but I didn't really want to pay 10 dollars for it. Yes, I know that I have paid much more many times before. I passed on buying it, and we left the store.

For the next few days, that ornament was all that I could think about. I finally decided that I wanted it. I looked online and couldn't find it. We made it back to a store that would have it, and they did not have the ornament. Robby dropped me off at another store with no luck again.

I had almost given up hope, but when we stopped again at one of these stores, there it was. Graham was standing right in front of it, and it was like a halo adorning his head. If you are wondering what store we frequent so much on a vacation, well, it is 7-Eleven.

Their Slurpees there make all of my people very, very happy. They will ride in the car happily for miles and miles with the promise of a slurpee. Some of them even talk about owning a 7-Eleven in Little Rock someday.

Now, my Slurpee ornament is happily hanging on my tree, and I have probably learned my lesson about not buying something when I see it the first time!

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