December 1, 2018

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  • As soon as I opened the girls' door, Keaton sat up and said, "that was perfect timing. I just woke up." I think that she was one excited little girl. Reagan and Campbell were up fairly quickly too, but Whitman took a bit to wake up. Robby had to close the blinds in our room so it would be dark enough for him to get ready without it hurting his eyes.
  • On the way to the courts, we stopped at Krispy Kreme to pick up some doughnuts. Since they had no doughnuts, we headed to Shipleys. Robby picked up our breakfast, and we ate in the car before he dropped off Keaton and me at Immanuel.
  • She got her jersey and put it on, and then counted down the minutes until her game. Keaton did really well during her game. She was certainly not afraid to guard the other team, and she even scored 4 points. Her team won their game, and afterwards we headed home.
  • We had a bit of time at home before the next games. I did some laundry and some dishes. I think that I did something else, but soon it was time to load back up again. Whitman was not too pleased about having to go to back to the gym.
  • Campbell and I ran into the store to pick up some new shoes for her. Then we ate lunch at Freddies before walking around Sams. The main purchase at Sams was tortillas because we go through them like hot cakes and zyrtec because Keaton's excema is crazy bad right now.
  • Then it was on to game 2 and 3. Campbell was on one side and Graham was on the other. They both did really well, I do believe that Graham scored 4 points and Campbell scored 2 (I think). They both had fun and really played hard. Graham was the point guard the entire time, and when it was Campbell's turn to set out, her first words to her coach were, "can I stay in?" Campbell's team won by quite a few points, but Graham's team did lose by a few points.
  • Finally, we had Anderson's game. My boy hustled the entire time. He did score only 1 point, but played great. His team was pretty interesting to watch. One of his coaches is pretty intense, but that didn't seem to bother Anderson at all. Now, they did win partly because the one kid on their team who is taller than the coaches-and yes, the kids is a 5th or 6th grader. Ha!
  • After the games, it was back home for a little bit again. Most folks had showers and before I realized it, we were leaving again. This time for Nonna's house. We had a pizza delivered over there and met Robby who had been out running some errands. 
  • We ate, and the kids played some before we headed home for the evening. Campbell and Whitman had their showers, and then Reagan and I watched a Christmas movie before everyone was quickly ushered to bed.

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