December 14, 2018

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  • No one was super pleased about having to do school this morning. It is hard to take a break in the middle of the week and then get right back after it the next day. It did cheer them up to learn that we only have three more school days until the end of the year. 
  • I still might try to to read that history book on a few of our days off. I have not yet checked to see if we are half way yet. But my library pile is down to only 71 books checked out so that is at least a good thing. 
  • For some odd reason, Anderson was finished with school around 10:30. I tried to find something that he missed, but it looked like he did indeed do it all. Some days there writing assignments are just shorter and when you add that to an easy math lesson, then you are set!
  • Everyone actually finished at a decent time. Even ole Whitman, bless. I feel pretty confident that if Whitman was in a classroom, he would be super far behind or would definitely be on meds. Though sometimes, and it happened today, things seem to click for him, and he can speed through his work. 
  • We tried to clean out the fridge for lunch, but there is just too much in there for us to even make a dent. I read a bit during lunch and then even read some more after everyone's chores were finished.
  • Today was Anderson, Graham and Whitman doctor's appointments. They all had their check ups, and it was much less eventful than Keaton freaking out over having blood drawn. (Robby actually had his check up today too and requested to have an allergy screening like Keatons. And, her results came back a few days ago-she has a very mild allergy to dust. So no need for any other treatment/allergist/etc.)
  • Anderson was the one who had to have his shots today. He is used to having his flu shot so he didn't mind, but after thinking about it for an hour I think that he got a bit nervous. He was fine afterwards and even laughed at himself for getting worked up.
  • On the way home, we grabbed Sonic drinks as a rewards. Then we dropped Whitman off at Nonna's house for the evening. My Whitman had spent most of the day making a fort at home so I would bet that is what he did at Nonna's house tonight.
  • Alyssa came over to the house tonight to spend the night and the Wilson's came over for supper. We had tacos and all of the fixings. The kids watched a movie and then played outside for a pretty long time. We did let them stay up until almost midnight so we will have some pretty tired basketball players tomorrow!

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