December 2, 2018

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  • It helped that I had laid out everyone's clothes this morning. I knew that we had a lot of Christmas activities today, so I decided that I would pull out the kids' Sunday clothes last night. I tried to find some Christmasy things, but Whitman and Keaton were the only ones that I could find Christmas duds for.
  • Church was great this morning, and Sunday school was even better. The children's group went from room to room working on mission projects during out Sunday school time. It was a lot of fun-so much so that I wish we could do something like that every single week.
  • After Sunday school, we were still in the parking lot when I realized that I couldn't find my phone. We pulled over for me to look everywhere in the front seat. Robby then looked for it on findphone, and it looked like it was in the sanctuary. Robby dropped Keaton and me off, and we headed to the sanctuary. It wasn't there so I looked downstairs and she looked upstairs. She was the one who found it, and it was already dinging looking for us.
  • From there, we zoomed to Nonna's house. Nonna had sack lunches ready to go for us. We all ate in the car on the way to the Governor's Mansion. Today was the day of their open house so that was our first stop. 
  • I am not really sure what the decorations looked like the years before. This year the theme was a Natural Christmas, and I thought that the decorations were absolutely beautiful. The prettiest that I can remember seeing. It would have been a beautiful place to take family portraits.
  • Our next stop was just down the road at Historic Arkansas Museum for their Holiday event. The kids made bags for their loot. Put cloves in oranges which truly smell really good. Then we saw Santa again before having some cider and gingerbread. Whitman made a smelly sachet which he was so proud to make for me as an "early Christmas gift."
  • We drove to the River Market to see the reindeer that are in town. However, there were quite a few people there so we opted not to stop and just check out the reindeer as we drove by. Then it was home for a little bit before we all left again. 
  • Robby took all of the girls to drop of Reagan for her life group and to pick up Lily and Eden to meet the rest of us. I dropped Anderson and Graham off at Shannon's house to play with Brett while Shannon, Whitman and I met the others. 
  • Rock Creek her their Christmas festivities tonight-there were games, hot chocolate, popcorn, petting zoo, a live nativity and even a play. The kids had a great time, and when it was over Robby took the girls to pick up Reagan.
  • We all met back at the Wilson's house for supper. The kids started playing the game Risk. Unfortunately, they had barely started when we finally said that it was time to leave! They did convince Shannon to let them leave it out so maybe they can finish soon. 

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