December 17, 2018

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  • Monday morning and the kids were up and ready to start school. They could not wait to get downstairs and pull out their school work. Not really. Campbell, Whitman and Anderson were awake this morning and on their ipads. Not really sure where Whitman slept, but his water bottle was in Anderson's bed so I guess that Whitman crashed with his biggest brother for at least some of the night.
  • School was fairly uneventful today-well, until Robby came in and told us that Santa was at Bass Pro. We cleaned up a little bit, put on clothes and took a break from school. There were only about 10 people in line for Santa and the Kamps were one of those. The kids were super excited to see their friends for a few minutes.
  • We then walked through the store for a minute before picking up fries from Chick Fil A. We did run into almost everyone we knew who goes to Robinson Middle school. They were all on a field trip.
  • We scarfed down the fries on the way home. Then we had the rest of our lunch-today has been clean out the fridge day. We made a bit of a dent before having everyone start on their chores and the rest of their school work.
  • When Anderson and Whitman finished their work, we did a bit more reading. Then the kids had some free time. I did have Campbell and Anderson wrap their presents to their sibling. I actually spent most of the afternoon in the attic wrapping presents. 
  • Soon I did leave for Bunko. I left ab it early so I would have time to do some shopping. I was only able to go to Kroger, but found plenty of things there to fill my shopping cart. Then I met the Bunko girls at Tacos for Life.
  • Meanwhile, my crew was eating their supper. Robby said that he felt like a short order cook helping everyone make and find their supper. After supper, the kids had their showers and then settled in for a movie-they all watched a Hallmark movie without me!
  • Graham and Reagan were the only ones awake when I made it home. Just two more days of school left before our Christmas break!

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