December 10, 2018

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  • Even though I slept in today, I still had to wake everyone up. Once I did get everyone downstairs, we grabbed our breakfasts and started on school. I did have to keep calling Reagan's name while I was reading because I was not sure if she was asleep or just closing her eyes. My bet is that she was snoozing, but she sure would respond quickly when I did say her name.
  • School was fairly uneventful today. Whitman did work on one worksheet for about 30 minutes before lunch. Then after lunch, it took him about 4 minutes to finish it. I guess he realized that if he went ahead and finished it, then he could watch his ipad.
  • After we did our school, we straightened a few things around the house and even did some more reading this afternoon. Then it was time to leave for the dentist. 
  • Last time we went to the dentist thinking that everyone had appointments, they did not and I had the wrong date. This time, everyone did indeed have appointments. Here was the dentist rundown-Reagan: needs to brush better, Anderson: has a cavity that is on a baby tooth so we will just wait, Graham: needs to floss, Campbell: has an odd permanent tooth but no worries, Keaton: has a cavity which we will fix tomorrow, Whitman: lots of wear from grinding on his front teeth.
  • Now Whitman was the entertainment for the dentist today. He told then he was 100 years old. I did hear him once and peeked back there. It was taking 3 ladies to get him to do the xray. I felt bad for him-he was coughing and crying. Then he looked up at the lady and said, "you put that at the end of my throat." He recovered quickly and was soon just fine. 
  • After the dentist, I lost my mind and took the kids to the dollar store. Everyone bought a present for their homeschool buddy gift on Wednesday. Plus Keaton, Campbell and Graham bought Christmas presents for everyone in the house. I also had a few things to buy so we were in the store for what seemed like an hour or more. Then we even walked through Michael's before heading home.
  • Once at home, we eventually found our supper before Santa's wrapping workshop officially opened. Everyone wrapped their gifts and gracious there is definitely a difference in how girls wrap presents and how boys wrap presents. I eventually became tickled at Graham's pitiful wrapping. I am not the best wrapper by any means but that boy needs some wrapping lessons. 
  • Once the wrapping paper was put up, I did look over my list and determined that I do still need a whole day of shopping to finish up. Hopefully that can happen soon! Tomorrow though is school, dentist, basketball and prepping for homeschool day with 23 kiddos here.

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