December 24, 2018-24 Hours in Branson Part 2 and Christmas Eve

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  • Briefly lats night, we wondered if it was going to be a long night. We were already sound asleep at midnight when Keaton stared coughing. Anytime she starts making noises in the middle of the night, I start calculating where the nearest trash can is and what obstacles are in the way between her and the bathroom. 
  • She didn't cough for long because she was soon grabbing for a water bottle. Of course, this caused Robby to jump up because he was concerned that she was going to spill the water on Whitman's head repeated what we had done at least twice on one of our last trips. She didn't, but it took her lots of squeezing of the water bottle before she was able to open it and take a sip.
  • After that, we all slept soundly...well, most of us did. Anderson did say that he fell off of Grannymom's air mattress twice last during the night. One time he even admitted that his head was under the other bed while his feet were left on the mattress. I am not too sure what happened there, but gracious me it is a wonder that we get any sleep in a hotel room.
  • We didn't make it to breakfast this morning until around 8ish. We were in no hurry since the main even for today was driving home. After eating the hotel breakfast-no bagels or flavored yogurt for me and no biscuits for Robby-we did stop for across the street for a donut for everyone.
  • We love Hurts donuts, and the line did not deter us at all. It moved quickly, and we soon were picking out our favorite donuts. I had the simple struessel, and it was divine. We did have to wait until snack time to eat those donuts since we had just had breakfast.
  • Now the kids asked me about a zillion times when we could eat those donuts. They were so happy when it was finally time to pass them out. The wait did help the ride go by faster and soon we were home. Well, we didn't go straight home-first we had to drop of Grannymom and Grandpa. Then we took the Wilson's some cookies and a Hurt's fritter.
  • Afterwards, it was home for unpacking and unloading. The kids helped, and we even had a bit of time to relax. Unfortunately, our water bill will be sky high this month because during this unloading and unpacking Whitman was in the shower. He was also in the shower while I relaxed for a few minutes-yep, he was in the shower happily playing for well over an hour. 
  • Soon we were loaded and packed up again headed to church for the candle light service. Grannymom, Grandpa, Nonna, Jason and Pops were all there before us saving the entire row. We certainly needed it and were still all squeezed in. 
  • The service was nice. Anderson and Reagan opted not to go down when the kids all went to the front. I am glad that Graham still considered himself a kid and went down. They are growing up ever so quickly. 
  • We all love the candle light Silent Night part of the service at the end. Whitman wasn't too sure about holding the candle all by himself so he wanted my help the entire time. Once the service was over, we headed upstairs to take a picture or two before heading to Nonna's house for Christmas eve.
  • Nonna and Pops already had the food warm when we arrived. Graham loves ham, and Nonna had plenty so he was one happy boy. Afterwards, there was more picture taking before we finally let the kids open their presents. 
  • I think that everyone was very pleased with their presents Whitman's favorite was a Minecraft t-shirt. Keaton seemed to really enjoy her hat, socks and blindfold. Campbell loved her blanket and is sleeping with it tonight. Graham's favorite was his jacket which he has been asking me about for weeks. Anderson loved his battlebot remote control things. Reagan, who is pretty picky, was super pleased with her stuff. I think that her favorite was a notebook, mechanical pencils and an egg fryer.
  • After opening presents and playing with toys and eating lots of desserts, we headed home. We fed the reindeer-who doesn't love throwing oats, glitter and hay all over the yard and in your sisters' hair. 
  • Then we pulled our Santa countdown and talked about some of our Christmas ornaments. Robby read a bit of the Christmas story, before we set out cookies for Santa. The kids had a bit of time to organize their loot before we finally sent them to bed.
  • I hope that folks are sleeping upstairs because I have quite a bit to do still before it is Christmas morning. 

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