December 11, 2018

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  • Another day with starting school a bit late. Today wasn't all my fault. Everyone had their breakfasts and were sitting in my room. I looked around and was missing a kid though. I guess I hadn't waken her up well enough. I ran up to wake her up and she groggily came down the steps.
  • This morning at the end of our reading, I did look over and see Anderson snoozing away. He was wide awake while we were reading about Bloody Mary, but I guess reading our picture book about The Best Christmas Ever put him to sleep. 
  • The kids did their school work, and things were fairly uneventful. I am having to watch everyone fairly closely to make sure they do their work with excellence. Now I did let Anderson skip one thing today-I needed help in getting the house ready for tomorrow. And I figure after doing two pages of math, handwriting, writing, parsing 10 sentences, and a host of other things that skipping one little thing won't kill him. 
  • Keaton headed out to the dentist for an appointment at noon. They found a cavity yesterday, and we sure wanted to get her in for her work before the end of the year, so I jumped at today's appointment. The first one they mentioned was today at 8, which would have been a stretch!
  • Keaton did perfectly at the dentist. Afterwards, she was rewarded with a drink. She sure hates shots at the doctor's office, but didn't seem to mind at all about anything that happened at the dentist office. And yes, our dentist has already text to check on her, if you ever need a recommendation let me know!
  • Back at home, we were in Homeschool Day prep mode. We straightened and then moved all of the chairs out of the kitchen. For some reason, the moms all decided earlier in the year that we all wanted to make crafts for the kids to gift on our December date. What in the world were we thinking? 
  • I have supplies to make bath bombs which we tried and failed at (maybe tomorrow will be better) and cookies in tiny little jars. Campbell helped me sample everything and set everything out. There will also be games, presents and card making. I love a party and my kids love a party with 18 of their closest friends. Yep, that is 23, actually 24, kids at the house tomorrow-don't be surprised that Robby will be working in Conway.
  • We worked all afternoon getting stuff ready. Then an hour before basketball practice, I ran to Walmart with the girls. Basketball practice was next. While I was sitting there, I remembered that I had a kid with a birthday this week so after practice, we headed off to Sams to buy some cupcakes for tomorrow. 
  • Once we made it home, showers were well underway. Robby made quesadillas for supper while I helped Reagan with her gift. Anderson asked for a snack tonight. We told him to find one and goodness the boy looked and looked for something and finally settled on cereal. I offered cereal to anyone else but didn't have any takers. 

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