December 3, 2018

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  • Monday morning and the only one awake this morning was Anderson. I had to wake everyone else up, and no one was very quick to leave their beds. It works the best if I bring Whitman downstairs, but he is so dang heavy as I hoist him out of bed and then carry him down the stairs that I don't know if I can do it much longer. I will probably just have to leave him upstairs sleeping soundly even though he will miss the first half of school.
  • I really should be hauling Reagan down the steps too in the mornings. She has gotten a bit better about getting out of bed but is still the last. I am sure that she really will be the last one tomorrow since we stayed up until 10:30 watching a movie tonight. 
  • Everyone ate their breakfast as I was reading. We even read the Polar Express today. I have only heard the movie (not seen it since we were driving in the car), but the book did seem to be nothing like the movie. Anyway, we also did some real school reading, but it wasn't nearly as exciting. 
  • School went well for a Monday. Since the kids can pick the extra work that they want to do, on the first days of the week, they always pick the easiest things. This means that everyone was finished a bit early. Well, Whitman didn't finish earlier at all. 
  • I was about to become very frustrated with Whitman as he finished up his last bit of school work-putting skip counting cards in order. The cards counted by 5s from 5 to 100. He was jumping all over the room, spinning and dancing and taking forever. Then I looked down at his work-it was right. He was just doing his work his own way. Now, he did get hung up around the 50s so I had to stay with him until he was finished. Keaton would have done this last year in 2 minutes tops. Whitman took at least 20-everyone is different.
  • We read some more during lunch and then the kids started on chores. Campbell and I ran to pick up Robby's contacts and then for an orthodontist consult for her. Our dentist had said that it was time for her to at least visit the orthodontist because she has one tooth that is much smaller than it should be. 
  • Thankfully, they said that isn't a big deal and no need for braces just yet. When the time comes for braces, they will just leave a space for that tooth and after braces she will eventually get a crown on that tooth to make it be the right size. Finding out that she doesn't yet need braces was wonderful news to Campbell and wonderful news to our pocketbook.  However, since Anderson has lost 5 teeth in the past few weeks, I am sure that we will be there next year with him!
  • Once I made it home with Campbell, I turned right around and headed out again. This time, I ran to Sams and Walmart. Then on to Kroger to buy some groceries. I was able to buy a few things for Christmas. I just counted and still have 24 gifts left to buy. Don't panic though, I think I can get it all accomplished. Some of those gifts are small like a pair of socks yet some of those gifts I still have no idea what to buy. 
  • When I made it home, Robby made chili for supper. After we ate, everyone played the game Farkle. We all had fun-Anderson and Whitman especially since they tied for first. Anderson did win in a roll off so the trophy was moved to his shelf. 
  • Next up was hair cuts for the boys followed by another Hallmark movie. Now, unfortunately our movie kept everyone up a bit too late. School might just have to start a bit later than planned in the morning!

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