December 4, 2018

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  • As expected, it was 7:50 when I rolled out of bed this morning, but by 8:05 we were all in my bedroom already starting on our morning reading. Keaton was the last one out of bed this morning. 
  • I did make grabbing our breakfast a bit quicker since I told everyone that this morning would be a cereal morning. We have at least 10 choices so there certainly would be some for everyone though Keaton decided that she didn't want any and Reagan turned her nose up at the off brand cereal I bought for her and Graham. That was fine with Graham because that just meant more for him.
  • School was fairly uneventful this morning. I did find out that a few of my people have been slacking on some of their work. That of course didn't make me too happy. After the words I shared with them today, those two children will make sure that they do not "forget" any of their school work again.
  • I used to have a lunch menu so we would all have the same thing. I have been a bit lazy on that lately so at lunch time, there are 6 people in the kitchen making lunches-Whitman isn't make his lunch but I am. Today's lunches consisted off: turkey and cheese tortilla, ham and cheese sandwich, potato casserole, cheese quesadilla, peanut butter on a tortilla, egg and cheese bagel, and breakfast burritos. It is like we are in a restaurant kitchen-of course by the end of lunch, the kitchen is trashed!
  • This afternoon there were lots of projects happening. Graham and Keaton worked on Christmas gifts. Campbell and Keaton straightened their drawers. Campbell and I repaired her broken drawer. Anderson and I did a little Christmas shopping on Amazon. Campbell and Keaton played outside some. Whitman and I read a few books. Everyone read a little bit. It was a busy afternoon. 
  • Charlotte came over right before we all loaded up for basketball-well, Campbell, Keaton and Charlotte. They had their practice as I read a little bit. Then it was time to head home for supper. Robby had supper ready-lots of leftovers. We worked on cleaning out the fridge just a little bit.
  • This evening, there were showers and lots of ipad time. Then once the kids headed to bed, there was even a Christmas movie!

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