December 19, 2018-Happy Birthday (almost) Campbell

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  • Today was our last day of school this week, well actually for the year. I think that everyone was excited about the break. They all buckled down and got to work. Everyone finished at a very decent time this morning. 
  • Though when I did look back at the work that had been done, I did notice that Keaton had skipped quite a few things on her list. She did all of her paper work (phonics, math, etc.) but there were other things that just weren't done. Nothing was difficult things, but they were all things I would have seen her do like read to a stuffed animal for 10 minutes and look up a word in the dictionary. I didn't say anything though since I am already on Christmas break, but I did make a note to remind myself to watch that sneaky little girl like a hawk when we start back.
  • I wrapped a few presents before lunch-I think that I could become a speed wrapper. Now, my wrapping wouldn't win any awards at all, but I am getting it done. I only have 15 more presents to wrap, not too bad since I wrapped 7 presents in around 20 minutes. Yes, I know 15 presents to wrap seems like a lot, but the three that I have yet to buy are what is hanging over my head! But no worries since I am going to knock that out tomorrow.
  • While the kids were playing outside, I left to go and see a friend and her son at the hospital. They were in the middle of a procedure so I only got to see my friend for about 20 seconds. I did pass her an envelope full of cards and a little Lego thing. She wrote me later and said that they had already worked the Legos and her son said it calmed him down after his procedure. So even though I didn't get to see them, I was still there at just the right time.
  • Tonight we celebrated Campbell's birthday. She had celebrated with her friends this summer for her half birthday. Tonight was the day that she was able to celebrate with grandparents, Uncle Jason and Cash.
  • Yesterday, I had asked her what she wanted for her dessert, and she picked some thing from the pantry. I told her that she would have to make two things so we would have enough. That was fine with her, and after her school work today she made both desserts by herself. Well, she did let Keaton help a tiny bit. 
  • We had chili for supper, and then let Campbell finally get to the presents. The girl racked up! She opened gift cards, legos, a sequin pillow, devil sticks, a gallon of glue (for slime) and plenty more things. 
  • Then we blew out her candles on her delicious desserts. Next the kids ended up outside...even though it was raining. Of course this meant that once everyone left, they had their second shower of the day. Yes, that means that we have washed two loads of laundry tonight and could probably scrounge around to get one more!

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