December 20, 2018

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  • This could have been our first day to sleep in but since workers were coming to the house, we were moving at the same time as usual. Tomorrow won't be a sleeping in day either since Campbell needs her birthday breakfast.
  • The first order of business this morning was laundry, dishes and by the time that we started work on our sugar cookies, Grounded Electric was there to put in can lights in the living room.
  • We had talked about 6 lights and then wondered if we should get 8, but finally we ended up with 4. The four lights look just great and we really think that it is bright enough in the living room. It does make a huge difference. Robby is already working on what house project he wants to do next.
  • Keaton, Campbell and I made 3 batches of sugar cookie dough this morning. Three batches of sugar cookie dough is a lot of cookie dough-we used 10 cups of flour! Once we were finished with that project. Keaton and Campbell loaded up with me to run a few Christmas errands.
  • Once we came home, the lights were almost finished so I did a bit of wrapping. Then Robby and I ran an errand to pick up one tiny Christmas gift and ended up with a few pieces of baklava for our ride home.
  • The kids were outside playing with the neighbors and stayed outside until it was time for us to leave for the Craft Gingerbread House party. Whitman does not get excited about much, but the gingerbread decorating today thrilled him. He could not wait to get over there and was so excited about these houses being big.
  • Whitman did spent quite a long time on his house, but Anderson worked the longest. At one point, he said, "I bet all of my buddies are outside having fun." I told him that he could quit and go play, but he refused and continued working on his house. His gingerbread house is indeed the best at this house. Though, there are no prizes.
  • Once everyone had finished their houses, we wrapped the houses up and let the kids play for a bit. It was pretty chilly outside-chilly enough that Campbell came in asking to leave! 
  • Back at home. we cleaned, showered, ate supper and cut out and baked about a zillion sugar cookies. For some reason, for the last week we seem to be doing two loads of dishes a day and at least 2 loads of laundry each day. Christmas and all of its festivities are not for the faint of heart.
  • After the cookies were finished, we made some popcorn and settled in to watch a movie! Of course, by the time that the movie was over, it was 11! At some point during the movie, while I was resting my eyes, I heard Reagan comment that I was asleep. Robby replied that I work hard during the day. Reagan then jokingly questioned, "what does she do all day?" This was all I needed to wake up very quickly and begin reciting a few of the things that I do all day!

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