December 25, 2018-Merry Christmas!

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  • When we were still awake last night hauling stuff down from the attic, watching a Christmas movie and wrapping presents, we kept hearing someone move around upstairs. Knowing that it was too early for Santa on the roof, we had one likely suspect-Graham! Robby went up there at least once but the poor child could not sleep. I am not too sure if he was really trying through.
  • Even though he was awake when we went to sleep, he was also awake when we woke up around 6:15. As soon as we rolled out of bed, Robby and I started on the first pan of monkey bread. 
  • We did stall until 7 since we had made such a big deal last night about staying in bed until 7. The boys were all sitting in their room with their blinds up chatting away. The girls were all laying in their dark room, however, their hair was all combed and their beds were made.
  • The kids had quite a bit of loot this year. Hopefully, they won't get too used to it! They were really hoping for a trampoline since all of their buddies received one for Christmas. A trampoline wasn't under the tree this year nor will it be next year for that matter. (Though I have eaten my words more than once!)
  • Reagan opened clothes, an ipad, earbuds, gloves, a curling iron and scrunchies along with a stocking full of candy and goodies. Whitman received the one thing he had actually asked Santa for-a ChickFilA gift card. He also had a new ipad, a Spiderman scooter, a pillow, a Minecraft man, a workbook and a ukulele. Anderson opened an ipad, earbuds, a movie basket along with a certificate to bring some friends to the movie, drone and Star Wars waffle maker along with items to make waffles.
  • Keaton had a new ipad under the tree with a bracelet maker, lip gloss kit, notebooks, a brush, pens and a movie certificate like Anderson's. Campbell also received the same movie kit, with an ipad, ear buds, a Lego set and doll pillow. Graham got the pants that he was longing for, money, earbuds, more basketball socks, a ladder, a beach towel and a game that we haven't gotten to play just yet. 
  • Robby received a google mini, a microwave cover and a brush for his drill. Yep, his present pile wasn't too exciting. I had a bag, shoes, dishes and stickers for my National Park book. I think that everyone was super excited about their presents. Christmas always stresses me out because of Christmas morning, but my people were pleased so I was also pleased. 
  • After everything was opened, Robby went to work on breakfast-sausage, eggs, another pan of monkey bread and biscuits-while I went to work on living room clean up. I bagged up the trash and broke down boxes. We both finished just as all the grandparents and Jason arrived.
  • We had our breakfast after Grannymom gave Robby a lesson in how to make gravy. The kids also had some gifts that they had worked on through the year to give to the grandmas. Everyone looked at all of the gifts, and the kids played with everything that they could. 
  • I can tell that my crew is growing up. We are needed a lot less on putting things together and reading their instructions. They can pretty much figure stuff out themselves which is kind of nice. I can remember Christmases when Robby and I were both working like mad people trying to open this, put batteries in that, build this and read the directions to that. Things have definitely calmed down at our little house.
  • After breakfast, we had time to straighten a bit. Robby worked on ipads as he pretty much did all day long. Then we headed to Dana's house for lunch. She had lunch for everyone including my folks and Jason. She had two pasta dishes, and they were both delicious. That along with all of the desserts, we certainly didn't leave hungry.
  • The kids enjoyed playing outside and the un-Christmas like weather helped them since most of them were wearing shorts. After playing for a while, we headed home. The neighbors came out so the kids played outside for the rest of the afternoon while Robby worked some more on the ipads.
  • For supper, we pulled out a Christmas feast of kitchen leftovers. It was pretty delicious if I do say so myself. Then the kids had theirs showers before we settled in to watch The Santa Clause movie. It was pretty entertaining, and we would have all enjoyed it more if Whitman would not have shouted, "I don't want to see this," for most of the movie. 
  • We also ended the evening with popcorn and some candy. After the movie, the kids had a few more minutes before bed. Graham, not surprisingly, was tired and headed to bed a few minutes before everyone else. He was exhausted from staying up so late last night and getting up so early. 
  • Once the kids were in bed, Robby and I watched one more Hallmark movie. We just have 10 left to see. Next year we will have to start watching the movies a bit earlier so we can finish, but overall we have done pretty well (we have watched 27!)

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