December 5, 2018

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  • Robby went upstairs to wake the crew up this morning. Graham and Anderson were already up and dressed so Robby did ask if they could wear shorts. We did let them-shorts are fine with a jacket but not sandals. That was our ultimate decision on that. Silly boys wearing shorts, meanwhile I am thinking about wearing long underwear under my jeans.
  • Everyone worked on their clothes, breakfasts and even lunches. I usually make our Wednesday lunches on Tuesday night, but since the kids throw a tiny amount in the bag, I figured that we had time this morning. 
  • We then loaded up and headed off to Bible study. Today was the last Bible for the holidays so everyone also had their teacher gifts with them. The kids enjoyed their last day at Bible study, but I think that they really enjoyed the extra candy and cookies that they had.
  • None of our buddies went to the park today, so instead we went to Walmart and then Bed Bath and Beyond. At the last store, the kids found the message chairs. They stayed sitting on those chairs with their shoes off for at least 20 minutes. Seriously, we were there forever. They loved those chairs so I guess we might just have to come back again during the Christmas holidays.
  • We then went to Grannymom's house to eat our lunches. The girls ate quickly because we then rushed off to another store. We did half of our shopping there so I do plan on going back tomorrow. 
  • Then it was to the doctor for the girls' physicals. We had just told Keaton that she wouldn't have to have a shot when the doctor suggested that we take her blood for an allergy screening. She then began to cry quietly at first, but it continued until the doctor decided that she better just do the blood draw now before the child lost her mind. She didn't say those exact words, but that is what we were all thinking.
  • Keaton sobbed during the entire thing, but did sit as still as she could. I distracted her with my phone and playing a game on it, but that helped just a tad bit. Once it was over, she calmed down and we finally went on with Campbell and Keaton's appointments.
  • Kennedy joined us and then we ran to Grannymom's house to pick up our boys. Then it was on to Sonic to pick up our supper followed my usual Wednesday trip to the library. Finally, we made it right back to where we started the day-church. We were at another one, but still a church house. It was a pretty crazy long day, which I think that I enjoyed, but I am still glad that tomorrow will be a bit slower.

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