December 6, 2018

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  • I did forget to mention this from yesterday. As we were getting ready to leave Grannymom's house yesterday, I had Whitman go potty. He was in the bathroom for a long while so I went to see what was taking him so long. 
  • I opened the door and the boy was not near the potty. He was, however, laying down in the bathtub. What in the world? I am not sure about what he was doing-surely he wasn't trying to hide. Whatever he was doing, he is just one special child. Gracious me.
  • Have you ever heard a noise in the middle of the night and just knew it was someone talking to you? Last night, I clearly heard Anderson call me. I jumped up, listening and waiting. After waiting a good long time, I finally decided that no one was awake upstairs. It might possibly have been Robby talking in his sleep as he occasionally does. 
  • Our morning was fairly uneventful. We did our together work and then the kids started on their school. They had a bit less today since I had to pull it all out last night. We had planned on being in Branson today, just like last week, so I didn't have school ready. Now, next week, come rain, sleet or snow we will be in Branson.
  • Since I had a bit of extra time, I did make grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. Everyone we very pleased about the lunch, but I think that were especially pleased about the jar of apple sauce that I opened up as well. They just about demolished the entire jar. Maybe we should have applesauce more often.
  • Then we did some chores and afterwards, it was time for some mini gingerbread houses. Yesterday, at the library the librarian asked if we would like some. They had a gingerbread decorating house party and had extras, so she gave me 6 little houses and trees to decorate. She even gave us a bag full of candy to put on the houses. The boys were finished first with Keaton and Whitman next. Surprisingly, this time Campbell took more time than Reagan. It is interesting to see everyone's creations. They can not wait for our real gingerbread house decorating party.
  • This afternoon was filled with some baking-oreo fudge and pumpkin muffins. As soon as things were finished in the kitchen, it was time for supper and for me to head to basketball with Graham. 
  • I took him as the others ate. I did run a few errands while Graham was at practice. Then I hurried to pick up Graham. They had moved Anderson's practice back an hour so when we came home, Anderson and Robby left a few minutes later. 
  • While they were gone, the kids finished their showers. Soon Anderson and Robby were back home. We did give the kids a bit of time to play before it was soon bedtime. 

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