December 27, 2018

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  • Robby and I planned to work on his office/pantry today, and we did that. Well, actually we are still doing that at 11 this evening. We started with the cabinets above Reagan's desk which took us until after 12.
  • Then, we took a few things out of his office to put upstairs in the wrapping paper attic. I store some appliances/large kitchen items that I rarely use in that attic-like a punch bowl and a bin of cookie cutters. 
  • After taking those things up to the attic, we had to clean it up and organize that attic. Now, the attic was my Christmas storing. staging and wrapping area so it was pretty crazy. It didn't take long to clean, but we decided we needed a shelf in there.
  • So the shelf came from another attic. Of course the shelf had things on it, so now those are strewn on the floor. That attic is now on tomorrow's to be organized list.
  • Sometime in the middle of working on the attic upstairs, Robby had a shop to do at Blaze so Keaton tagged along with us. On the way home, we ran to Walmart and I bought a few more Christmas dishes along with some on sale Christmas candy.
  • The afternoon was spent on cleaning up our morning messes from Reagan's desk area and the wrapping paper attic. The girls, Whitman and Graham watched a Redbox movie this afternoon. I even helped Campbell make a bracelet during all of this craziness happening in the house.
  • Robby had to meet work friends this evening, so while he was gone I decided that since I have all of these new Christmas dishes, I really wanted them to be downstairs and easy to get to. For this to happen, I pulled out everything from under my bar and made room for those dishes. 
  • I had to bring Christmas dishes that I already have downstairs. Campbell and Keaton have a ton of kitchen stuff, so I also found bins for their cooking supplies that would fit in my cabinet. 
  • And while supper was heating up, I also decided that my 12 Days of Christmas glasses from the Dillon's should be used, so I rearranged the top of my cabinets to get them out of the attic. The kids and I then ate our supper while Robby was gone. Afterwards, they had their showers and helped me with straightening the house some. 
  • When we were gone earlier in the day, I had made a list of what I wanted them to do once I came home. I guess that Reagan saw it and thought that it was for them to do while I was gone. So she made everyone empty the trashcans; even made a chart to divide out who had what can to empty. So when I returned home, my list was full of initials by each chore so I could see who had accomplished what.
  • Once Robby was home, I played Graham's new game with him, Campbell and Keaton. Then it was time to start on the main task of the day-his office/pantry. He worked on the cords while I worked on the food. The fridge had been outside defrosting for most of the day, and it will need to stay out there for a good while because the ice is thick on that thing. 
  • We are nearing the end of the closet project yet there are still so many things to go through and put up tomorrow. Our trash and recycle cans are stuffed to the brim plus I have folded boxes and full bags of trash sitting by every door in the house. My garage sale pile has also grown by at least 3 boxes since this morning. It is such a wonderful feeling!
  • The kids were all pretty quiet today. Most everyone went outside for a little bit during the day. They all seem to have colds, well everyone but Whitman. Anderson and Campbell seem to be the most pitiful with runny noses and coughing. Graham and Keaton are also coughing, and Reagan seems to have a touch of it all. 
  • I did give Anderson some medicine tonight and now am regretting not giving it to Graham since I can hear him occasionally coughing. Hopefully, they all will sleep good tonight and feel better in the morning.

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