June 26, 2019-Dennie Family Trip 2019

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It was a little confusing in our room this morning. Whitman didn't spend the night with us, but when he was in our room, he spent his time inside of a cabinet watching his ipad. So we were never really sure if he was there or if he was not there. We did manage to not leave him at the hotel this morning which was a win!

After getting ready and putting in the right contacts, we headed down the breakfast. Tonight's hotel was a Home 2 Suites. They had premade breakfast sandwiches, omelettes and egg dishes. You just had to put them in the microwave. I had what would be similar to a sausage mcmuffin, and it was delicious.

We took a few loads out to the car since packing was a bit more strategic today because we had our 20 or so boxes of Little Debbie stuff from yesterday to shove in the car along with the rest of our stuff. We did not accumulate too much stuff on this trip-mainly Little Debbies and bb guns.

Our first stop this morning was at Fort Smith National Historic Site. We have been there lately, but it was a good stop to stretch our legs plus we don't have Jr. Ranger badges from there. We watched the film-well, I will say that I stayed awake barely. I did zone out during a bit of it because later when Robby asked me if I remembered this or that, I had no idea what he was talking about.

The last time that we were there, we were not able to go into the court room area. A guide person was there so she let the kids all sit at the bench and hold the gavel. That was fun. Whitman was so intrigued by the prison, but he was not at all interested in the gallows once he figured out what they were for.

When I asked the workers there for Jr. Ranger books, I told them that we would mail them in. They quickly handed my 6 Jr. Ranger badges so that I wouldn't have to mail them in. That was incredibly nice-and will save Robby some money. I did promise that that we would definitely complete the books.

Our next stop was at McDonalds. We grabbed a quick bite of lunch. It took a while to find seats since that McDonalds was pretty crazy busy. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all enjoyed playing on the play place.

The next stop was at Grannymom's aunt's house. She is 90 years old and was so happy to have company. She was a genuinely happy lady. The kids were perfect as we sat and visited for a fairly long while. Whitman did eat most of the lady's chocolate candy on her coffee table. As soon as we left, the kids were rewarded with a cool drink and a snack.

We then made a quick stop before moving on down the road to get home. We did listen to a podcast about the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs on the way home.  Soon we were dropping off Grannymom and Grandpa at their house.

We unpacked the car in no time. It does help that a lot of our travel stuff, I just keep upstairs ready to go. I don't even unpack most of it now-it just stays boxed up-if I could only do that with our clothes and food.

The evening was pretty quiet around here. We watched some baseball and watched a lot of Campbell's Northwest Law show. There was a late fend for yourself supper followed by a way too late bedtime for the crew.

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