June 24, 2019-Dennie Family Trip 2019

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Our night didn't start off too peacefully with Reagan and Anderson shoving each other around in the bed last night. Robby did say that at one point, he even had to move Anderson over. I think that those two are not used to sharing a bed. 

Graham had set his alarm clock for 7 this morning, but he let his alarm ring like I let my alarm ring-over and over and over again. It rang so long that I had to wake Robby up so he could wake Graham up to turn the alarm off. 

The big boys were soon up and headed to breakfast while the rest of us slept for another hour or so. We did finally start stirring but had at least 4 different kids tell us that we only had so many minutes before breakfast was over. We made it in plenty of time and had our fill. Whitman had doughnuts which we also took back to Reagan. I had a bagel with flavored cream cheese which was delicious. And Robby had his standard hotel fair-biscuits and gravy.

After breakfast, we had a bit of downtime in our room before loading up for our first attraction of the day. We headed to the Bentonville Square and the Walton 5 and Ten store. We had been there before, and the museum is a pretty neat place. The kids enjoyed walking through the museum since there were lots of hands on things to do.

What they really enjoyed was the ice cream at the end. There are not many times that they are offered ice cream right after they have eaten a big hotel breakfast. The prices are not 1940s prices but they are fairly close. We all ate our ice cream outside at the tables, and it was very pleasant. 

They had a little car that you could ride. The sign said under 50 pounds but the workers kept coming out bringing more dimes so the kids could ride. After we left there, we headed to Crystal Bridges. We have been to the museum before but still enjoyed walking through it today.

The trails outside are really neat. We enjoyed exploring them and spent most time doing that than actually seeing the art inside the museum. There was one spot inside of the museum where you looked out these huge windows to see a rock area that would make the most beautiful waterfall in the rain. Yesterday would have been a perfect day to see that. 

We did see a Frank Llloyd Wright house on the ground of the museum. We have read about him lots this year plus we have even driving by a gas station that he designed in May. His houses always intrigue me, and I love the simplicity of them. Maybe I am ready to downsize (not the yard part but just the house part.)

After seeing quite a bit of Crystal Bridges, we headed to lunch. We finally ate that ChickFilA that we were planning on eating yesterday. Lunch was good but then we needed something else to do. So we headed towards Pea Ridge National Military Park. That park is connected to Wilson's Creek in Missouri which is where the boys stopped on their way to Omaha.

We walked in to the visitor's center just as they were showing the last film of the day. It was a good little movie-I guess. At one point Grandpa snored during the movie so Grannymom woke him up. Then he said, "that was Tara." I guess I made it a bit too obvious that I was taking a cat nap on the front row of the theater. It was nice to rest my eyes for a little bit and really, I already know who won the Civil War. Though I did feel a bit bad when Campbell said that it was one of the best park movies she had seen.

We then had to rush to the hotel to grab bathing suits and then to the other side of town. We went to Robby's cousin's house to swim. They have a very nice pool so the kids highly enjoyed themselves. They had supper for us-pizza, salad, fruit and even cake which we all enjoyed. 

The little boy there was 5, and it took him and Whitman a very long time to hit it off. When they did start playing, they were riding a big pink flamingo in the pool while pretending that they were on a pirate ship. We probably would have left a few minutes earlier except that Whitman was so enjoying playing with his new friend.

Though when we did get back to the hotel, Grannymom asked Whitman what his new friend's name was. Whitman was quick to respond with, "I thought YOU knew those people." I guess he was concerned that we crashed a party without anyone knowing whose house we were at. 

After we made it back to the hotel, we decided that we might just need a little snack and since there is an Andy's Custard within walking distance, we might as well. And when I say within walking distance, that is termed rather loosely since it was almost a mile that we walked for frozen custard. 

Everyone went except for the oldest and youngest of our group, Grandpa and Whitman. Whitman wasn't too interested in ice cream. Keaton wasn't either but didn't want to be left out-she did find her a diet coke to enjoy. After eating our ice cream, we mosied on back to the hotel. It was so pleasant outside that I hated that we hadn't taken our ice cream walks the other nights that we were in town.

When we made it back to the hotel, we made the kids change so we could do a quick load (or two) of laundry. Right now the clothes are in the dryer-Graham is asleep, the other two boys are playing on their ipads, Reagan is also on her ipad and I do believe that the little girls are watching a show before bed in Grannymom's room.

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