July 10, 2019

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  • This was the first morning of VBS, and everyone was super excited so we were up and leaving in plenty of time. Now tomorrow, we will have to be there around the time that we left this morning so maybe I should be going to bed right now.
  • Anderson and Graham are in VBS and had a blast. I think that they enjoyed the nerf gun war they had during recreation. Campbell and Keaton are in the regular VBS and both had lots of fun. Whitman is in the preschool area and loved making his snack today. I'm working with the 4 year olds-today I didn't have to tell the story, so I had an easy day.
  • Reagan wasn't there today because she was at her orthodontist appointment. Her braces came off! She had been worried that her teeth would be stained, and thankfully they are not. Her retainers are unlike anything I have ever seen and hopefully we don't loose them. She looks so grown up, even more so, with her braces off.
  • After VBS, we ran to McDonalds before meeting all of our friends at Third Realm. Then we ran home for just a little bit, while I had time to work on a few things. Before long though, it was time to head to the pool. 
  • We met everyone back at the pool. The kids all had fun-so much fun that I am sure that they are exhausted tonight. The kids all swam quite a bit before the pool closed at 5. Graham stayed at home so he could watch the Hogs win their way to Omaha. 
  • On the way home, I made a quick trip to the Dollar Store. Once at home, we all headed outside to do a little yard work. The kids stayed outside most of the time, but they only worked for a little bit of the time. That was fine though since when it was time to work, they did.
  • It was nearly 8 when we came inside. The kids had already started drifting in for their showers. We all ate supper on our own tonight-it is a bit nice that everyone can find their own suppers for the most part. Campbell even made Whitman supper. 
  • When we all made it in, we settled in the living room to watch the first half of the movie Holes. Whitman was the most excited to watch it after listening to the book on our trip. Afterwards, it was soon bedtime for the crew-and they must be pretty tired-VBS, Third Realm, the pool and yard work.

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