June 30, 2019

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  • Sunday morning and it wasn't a great Sunday morning for Whitman. First we told him that it was church day and then we told him that we were going to a baseball game tonight. He did recover fairly well and seemed to have a good day.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were in the nursery this morning, so Keaton had to sit with us. I don't think that she minded though my girls were sitting so far from me that they thought that they could get by without opening their Bibles-ha! It didn't work.
  • After church, Campbell and I stayed for her camp meeting while the others headed to Nonna's house for lunch. They did wait on us, and we all enjoyed our early 4th of July lunch. Afterwards, the kids played a game while I worked on Christmas gifts for my kids Sunday school teachers. (Don't judge.)
  • We then ran home for a few minutes. We had time to take a brief nap before it was time to get up and herd everyone to the car. This is when things got confusing for the kids: 4:00 meeting for Graham and Anderson's mission trip, 4:00 meeting for Reagan and parents for her mission trip, 5:00 meeting for parents for Anderson and Graham's mission trip. The kids could not understand this schedule and I almost had to draw a chart to make it clear. 
  • Campbell, Keaton and Whitman enjoyed having the run of the empty church house while we were in the meetings. After they were all over, we headed to the Traveler's Game. First, Robby stopped at McDonalds to pick up our supper. It took him a while and when he climbed in the car with our food, Whitman said, "well, that took longer than the preacher's prayer."
  • The Travelers game was hot and sunny for the first little bit, but then the sun went down and things were pretty nice out there. The kids all found plenty of friends and some of my kids found Pops and his wallet. Whitman and Campbell jumped on the bouncies for a little bit while Graham rode the train and Keaton bought a drink-all thanks to Pops.
  • It was pretty late when we made it home. The kids showered and then finally bedtime. Tomorrow will be a busy day-which I secretly love.

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