June 9, 2019

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  • Anderson and Graham were up at a decent time this morning. I had to work hard to wake up Whitman though. He was pretty tired, but thankfully he didn't complain too much about going to big church this morning.
  • Everyone had their breakfast and soon we loaded up to leave for church. Towards the end of worship, we started singing a song that we had opened the service with-Whitman quickly caught it and asked why we were singing the same song again.
  • After Sunday school, we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch. After eating, Dana had a craft project for us to work on. Campbell helped, and we painted a wreath and then stenciled a work on a board. Our didn't look as good as Danas's but it was still decent.
  • I met my VBS buddy at church at 2:30 to work on our room. Reagan, Graham, Campbell and Keaton came with me to help decorate. They were pretty good help-some more than others. By the time that we had finished our room looked pretty swell. 
  • As we were walking out, we did stop to help decorate someone else's room for them. It would have taken them a while to tape and hang everything, but with us all working it was done in no time flat.
  • Back at home, I snoozed while the Hogs lost and while the kids played the loudest game ever of Apples to Apples. I think that they just tried to yell during the entire game. It was fine though since they were having fun and it was soon time for us to head out to the next event.
  • We picked up Grannymom and Grandpa and went to the Arkansas Wind Symphony Flag Day concert. It was outside at MacArthur park area. The kids played football and soccer before. Once the concert started, they enjoyed lots and lots of Blue Bell ice cream. 
  • During the concert, they were encouraging people to bid to conduct the orchestra later in the the year. This caught Whitman's attention and he said that he wanted to do this and be like Leo on his show. I even looked to see what the current bid was but unfortunately, at 225 it had passed our bid. Now, if he mentions this again-I might see if he can conduct the church orchestra. I am sure they would let that happen for a certain contribution. 
  • Back at home, the kids played with their remote control cars tonight-well, the boys did and the girls worked on their outfits for tomorrow. They can not wait for VBS to begin.

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