June 3, 2019

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  • I am not too sure if Graham and Whitman understand the concept of summer vacation. When they went to bed last night, I heard Graham saying, "Hey google, set my alarm for 7 am." Then this morning at 7:04, Whitman was asking if the dishwasher was clean. He was working on his breakfast. Minutes later, I heard him and Graham pouring milk. I think that people would enjoy summer around here more if they slept in just a little bit.
  • Campbell and Keaton were sour with me when they woke up. They were flabbergasted that they had to do their tiny bit of school work today when Reagan and Anderson were not here. I explained that there would be days when they would not be here, and they would not have to do work while everyone else did. This answer did not appease them at all.
  • I walked on the treadmill some this morning and then had to rush to get Whitman to his swim lesson. When we left, he told Robby that he didn't want to go so I scurried around grabbing a snack and drink as a bribe. Thankfully, I didn't need either as a bribe-though he did enjoy them on the way home.
  • His swim teacher is a high schooler, and she did great with him and he did great with her. He worked the entire hour. I was busy chatting with the swim teacher's mom so I didn't see him swim very much. I heard though that he jumped off the driving board and swam to the wall. He had a great time and was pretty excited when we scheduled another lesson next week.
  • Robby had taken the girls out to eat so I swang by the house and picked up Graham. We headed to Third Realm and met the girls. The kids jumped for almost an hour before we all loaded up to head to the pool.
  • The Crafts, Heltz, and Kamps' kids were all at the pool today so it was a full house. I told Whitman that I would get in so he could swim some. I wish that it had been sunny out and not cloudy because the water was cold! 
  • Whitman did great swimming. Now, I wouldn't feel comfortable letting him run around without his life jacket. I ate for a few minutes and then was in the pool for almost two whole kid swims while Whitman would swim to the ladder, go down the slide and then swim to me over and over again. I do think he will get there by the end of the summer. Even though he has improved, the last hour I sat out of the pool to dry off so back into his life jacket he went. 
  • Robby picked up Graham and ran him to get supper while I loaded up the swimmers and dropped Keaton off to spend the night at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. So tonight we only have 3 kiddos at home-odd. Now, I would bet that Campbell will not be too pleased with sleeping in her room all by herself tonight. she will probably end up in Anderson's bed with the boys.
  • Once at home, everyone had their showers and ate supper. Graham hibernated upstairs, Campbell was in the living room with us watching tv and Whitman climbed in my bed and watched a show. I would have bet that he would have fallen asleep watching a show after about 4 hours in the pool and an hour at Third Realm.
  • It was a pretty lazy evening around here which was absolutely wonderful. I think that this was our first slow summer evening.

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