June 12, 2019

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  • VBS day 184-or maybe just 3. Gracious me. VBS stresses me out or possibly makes me need a nap! This morning we divided and conquered with Graham, Campbell and Keaton heading to swim team practice at 7:40 while the rest of left for church at 8.
  • The water was so chilly at practice that they finished a bit earlier than usual. That was fine since the kids were rushing to VBS. They did have time to run into Grannymom's house to change their clothes and then to church they went. Robby even bought them a Sonic drink which made them all happy.
  • Reagan was a bit stressed because we didn't get to church at 8:15. Her paper told her to get there at 8:15 and it was 8:18 when we pulled up into the parking lot. Ha! Now, the parking lot was practically empty since folks are arriving later and later each day. 
  • After VBS we headed home for a quick lunch. The kids had time to veg out while I ran around the house like a crazy woman. I usually have about the same number of steps each day but on days before trips (apparently, even trips that I am not going on) my number of steps doubles. 
  • At 2, we did load up to go to Gulpha Gorge in Hot Springs. We met Wallace, one of Whitman's little friends. It is a camp ground that has a shallow (mostly) stream that the kids were able to play in. 
  • It was lots of fun-everyone enjoyed wading around in the water. There was one deep area so we did put on the kids floaties. So then they could just have at it. Keaton on up though were able to go where ever they wanted to. 
  • I did realize that we do need to invest in some water shoes. Everyone made due with what they had-but Graham did take the shoes that I had planned to wear so I had to gingerly walk all over the rock with my bare feet. 
  • There was one rock that was even a slide so Campbell had lots of fun helping the littles down it. It was a really fun time and I am so glad that we went. There was a lot of traffic on the way home, so it took a bit longer than normal. 
  • When we made it home, Robby cut the boys hair and then I ran to Dana's to help with a Cricut project. Back at home, we heated up the last manicotti. I guess I need to make some more for the freezer. We did clean up a whole 9x13 pan-yikes! I remember when an 8x8 would feed us. I am sure the kids were hungry from their pretty busy day.
  • After supper, there was lots more packing and loading of the van. Then it was soon bedtime for everyone around here. Tomorrow is crazy hair day so my girls are planning on waking up way too early!

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